• i) Indo-US collaboration, ii) University Hall, The Ohio State University (OSU), USA, iii) Victoia Hall, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India, iv) Banner of Indo-US APSJ Abdul Kalam Center for STEM Education and Research of OSU-AMU at dedicated space in the Engineering building of AMU

    "INDO-US A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre of Excellence for
    - Joint partnership of OSU and AMU

  • Established: 2013
    - (under 21st Century Knowledge Initiave Award of US Department of State)
  • Formalized legal and financial structures, and Named "APJ Abdul Kalam Center", 2017
  • Founding members: Prof. Anil K. Pradhan, Prof. Sultana N. Nahar

  • Director: Dr. Anil K. Pradhan
  • Co-Director (STEM Research and Liaison Officer): Dr. Sultana N. Nahar,
  • Co-Director (STEM Education): Dr. Karen Irving,
  • Director: Dr. Tauheed Ahmad (Physics Chair),
  • Co-Director: Dr. Farukh Arjmand (Chemistry Dept)

  • Foundation of the Center
    OSU-AMU Committee
    Center Activities (2017 -)


    i) Founding members: Sultana Nahar, Anil Pradhan at OSU, ii) Sep 2013: Oficial initiation of the STEM ER program and the STEM ER Center (VC Lt General Shah speech), iii) Nov 2013: MOA signing ceremony - OSU team: Vice President of Internaitonal Affairs Prof. Brustein, Vice President of Graduate Studes Prof. Osmer, Dean of Engeneering Prof. Williams, and AMU team: VC Z.U. Shah, PVC A. Ali and other university officials, iv) Jan 2014: Center shared space with Wildlife Department - Head Prof. Jamal and Sultana in Smart classroom of the Center used for interviewing applicants on Skype and later for OSU distant learning course in Summer 2014

  • The center has been materialized by the continous effort since 2012 led by OSU Prof. Anil K. Pradhan and Prof. Sultana N. Nahar with support by the AMU members Prof. Wasi Haider, Prof. Alim Naqvi, Prof. Rahimullah Khan and its past administration headed by Vice Chancellor Lt. General Zameer Uddin Shah

  • The OSU-AMU Center was formally founded in 2013 with signing by OSU and AMU officials in the MOA (the first item) under Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Award of US India Education Foundation (USIEF) for the project (2013-2017) the STEM Faculty Training Project for Indian Universities of OSU in partnership with AMU
    - AMU News of the MOA: The Aligarh Muslim University today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio, USA, November 11, 2013

  • The center was housed in the Wildlife Department, with shared Smart Classroom, Conference room, and one office

  • 2017: Formalization of legal and financial structure of the center:

    i) Anil Pradhan is presentating structures at the Obama-Singh project symposium, ii) Sultana Nahar presents the successes of the center for continuity, iii) All OSU-AMU Fellows and their advisors are associated with the center,

  • Five years of effort and four successful years of the STEM project culminated to the formalized center in 2017 with the name "Indo-US A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre of Excellence for STEM Education and Research" of AMU and OSU
    - AMU Ordinance for the restructured Indo-US A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Center for STEM Education and Research of AMU and OSU
    - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was a scientist, known as the "Missile Man" of India and a past President of India

  • The objectives of the formalized center remain the same as detailed OSU-AMU STEM Project and in "Executive Summary" of the project published at USIEF website: "The STEM Faculty Project: Training the Next Generation of STEM Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in India"

  • OSU letter of the center

    AMU News, April 24, 2017: "AMU establishes Centre of STEM-ER in consonance with Ohio State University"

  • VC Zameer Uddin Shah helped to get the dedicated space for the center in the soon to-be-vacated space of Nanotechnology Center before the end of his term
    - A happy moment is shared by Anil and Sultana as the permanent space for the center, in the engineering building of AMU, is sanctioned by the VC, May 2017
    - Confusion and Clarification about the space, July 2017

  • July 17, 2017: The first banner for the center, designed by Prof. Farukh, a graduate studente and Sultana Nahar, was posted and inaugurated by the visit of Prof. Altaf Wani of OSU to the Center.

    i) Banner outside the Engineering building housing the Center, ii) STEM ER function with banner at the dedicated space in the Engineering Building welcoming OSU Prof. Altaf Wani to the center

  • I got the following pictures of the space given to the center in Febraury 2018 before AMU administration started to provide various facilities to the center:

    L to R: i) Main office, ii) Conference room/smart lecture room, iii) Hall inside, faces to the kitchen door, iv) Left room 1 after the entrance, v) Left room 2 divided into (a) and vi) left room 2b, vii) Left room 3, viii) Right room 1

  • The Center has been furnished by the AMU Administration

    i) L1: Computer lab with 10 desks, ii) R3: Head Office with desk, printer, iii) R3: Head Office - computer, refridgerator, iv) R2: Smart lecture room with capacity 45-50 seats, v) R2: podium in the smart room

  • American Physical Society News: "Indo-U.S. STEM Education and Research Center in India", January 2018 (Volume 27, Number 1, p.2 )


    i): Jan 2017: Board Meeting at OSU: Sultana Nahar, Chris Carey, Anil Pradhan, Altaf Wani, Karen Irving, Tariq Rizvi, ii): April 2 2017: Members meeting on STEM ER center at AMU, Physics Department



  • Dr Gifty Ako-Adounvo, Assistant Vice President of Global Strategies and International Affairs, (Email: ako-adounvo.1@osu.edu)
  • Dr. M. Scott Herness, Vice President of Graduate Studies (Email: herness.1@osu.edu)
  • Dr. David Manderscheid, Executive Dean, Arts and Sciences (Email: manderscheid.1@osu.edu)
  • Prof Cheryl Achterberg, Dean, Education, (Email: cachterberg@ehe.osu.edu)
  • Dean of Colleges of Arts and Sciences,
  • Dr. David Williams, Dean of Engineering (Email: williams.4219@osu.edu)


  • Dr. Tariq Mansour, Vice Chancellor (Email: vcamu@amu.ac.in)
  • Dr. Asfar Ali khan (Email: asfaralikhan@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Javaid Akhter, Registrar (Email: javedmba@hotmail.com)
  • Dr. Javid Akhter, Treasurer (Email: fo.amu@amu.ac.in)
  • Dean of Faculty of Science, Dr. Mahshar Raza (Email: azamahshar@gmail.com)
  • Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Prof Hamid Ali (Email: dean@zhcet.ac.in)



  • Director: Dr. Anil K. Pradhan, (Departments of Astronomy, Chemical Physics, Biophysics, Email: pradhan.1@osu.edu)
  • Co-Director (Research and Chief Liaison Officer): Dr. Sultana Nahar, (Astronomy Department, Adjunct Professor AMU Physics, Email: nahar.1@osu.edu)
  • Co-Director (STEM Education): Dr. Karen Irving, (Department of Teaching and Learning, Email: irving.8@osu.edu))
  • Dr. Syed Tariq Rizvi (Department of Mathematics, Email:rizvi.1@osu.edu)
  • Dr. Alraf Wani (Department of Radiology, Email: wani.2@osu.edu)
    - Mr. Christopher Carey (OIA, Email: Carey.3@osu.edu until June 2018)


  • Director: Dr. Tauheed Ahmad, Department of Physics (Email: ahmadtauheed@rediffmail.com, Cell: 91-9837404077)
  • Co-Director: Prof. Farukh Arjmand, Department of Chemistry (Email: farukh_arjmand@yahoo.co.in, Cell: 91-98971 57511)
  • Coordinator Dr. Alim Hossain Naqvi (between STEM ER and Nanotechnology Centers, Email: aligarhnano@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Absar Ahmad, (Director, Nanotechnology Center, Email: aahmad786in@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Rahimullah Khan (Ex Chair, Physics, Email: rahimullah@rediffmail.com)
  • Dr Jamal Ahmad (Email: secretarywsi@gmail.com)
  • Dr Rizwan Khan, (Chair, Biotechnology, Email: rizwanhkhan1@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Nesar Ahmad (Engineering, Email: nesar.ahmad@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Rashid Shaz (Outreach Director CEPECAMI)
  • Directors and Chairs of the Departments concerned with the STEM ER program



  • Dr. J A Cowan, Department of Chemistry (Email: cowan.2@osu.edu)
  • Dr. Qi-En Wang, Department of Radiology (Email: Qi-En.Wang@osumc.edu)
  • Dr. Ronald Kawakami, Department of Physics (Email: roland.kawakami@gmail.com)

    AMU (OSU-AMU Fellows) :

  • Dr. Asim Rizvi (Biochemistry, Email: rizvirizviasim@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Hala (Physics, Email: hala.noman@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Nida Rehmani (Biochemistry, Email: nida.rehmani4@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Taqseer Khan (Mathematics, Email: taqi.khan91@gmail.com)
  • Malik Azeem (Zoology, Email: malikazeemanwar@gmail.com)
  • Parvez Alam (Biotechnology, Email: parvezalam777@gmail.com)
  • Sabiha Parveen (Chemistry, Email: sabihap1@gmail.com)
  • Swaleha Naseem (Nanotechnology, Email: nswaleha@gmail.com)



  • Ashley Behrendt (OIA, Email: behrendt.16@osu.edu)
  • Dr. Nikhil S. Tambe (Mumbai Gateway, Email: tambe.2@osu.edu)
    - Ratnesh Bhattacharya (Mumbai Gateway, Email: bhattacharya.11@buckeyemail.osu.edu, until 2017)
  • Priya Kurle Vasant (Mumbai Gateway, Email: vasantkurle.1@osu.edu)


  • Hasan Kamal, Alig (Email: hkamal@gbcwebsite.com)

  • Mr. Nick Booker (UK-IN-EDU, Email: nick@indogenius.com)

    CENTER ACTIVITIES (2017 - present):


    - April 2, 2019: Meeting of STEM ER Directors with Vice Provost Prof. Gil Latz, Global Gateway interim Director Dr. Don Hempson, Indian Community liaison leader Nirmal Sinha - Report of visit by Sinha, mechanism for fund raising, and LEAP program

  • Jan 28, 2019: Visit to Indo-US APJAK STEM ER Center of OSU-AMU by Nirmal Sinha (OSU - Indian community liaison in Columbus), Dr. Nikhil Tambe, Director of OSU India Gateway Office in Mumbai, Sayatan Chakravarty, Editor of India Empire Magazine based in Delhi

    Purpose: to get more information for advertisement and future planning
    News: Aligarh, January 30: A team of eminent Indian-American community members visited the APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Center, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), where they were acquainted with the Center's developments. Dr Nikhil Tambe (Director, India Gateway, Global Gateways, Office of the International Affairs, Ohio State University), Mr Nirmal K Sinha (President and Trustee of the Federation of Asian Indian Associations and President of the Asian Indian American Business Group) and Mr Sayantan Chakravarty (Editor, Indian Empire) were briefed about the STEM ER Center's work by the Chief-Guest, Prof M Shakir (Dean, Faculty of Science) and Guest of Honour, Prof Rizwan H Khan (Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit).
    Prof Tauheed Ahmad (Director, APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Center) delivered the welcome address, while Prof Farukh Arjmand spoke on the Center's undergraduate research projects. Dr Sabiha Parveen and Ms Swaleha Naseem informed the delegation about the AMU-Ohio State University (OSU) STEM ER collaboration and visit of STEM fellows to OSU. Dr Nikhil Tambe also spoke on the occasion. Dr Asim Rizvi conducted the programme. AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor hosted the delegation for lunch after their University tour. Center showed them historical Maulana Azad library, Sir Syed House and the Sir Syed mosque.

  • AMU News Jan 30, 2019, "Indian-American community members visit APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Center",

  • AMU facebook News: "Indian-American community members visit APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Center",

  • Participation at USIEF supported "Showcasing U.S.-India knowledge initiative awards at IIT, Shastra", January 3 to 6, 2019
  • OSU-AMU Fellow Dr. Asim Rizvi made presentation at the IIT Shastra by support from USIEF.
    PAS Chennai awarded a grant to Bangalore-based Learning Links Foundation (LLF) to organize a showcasing of U.S.-India Science and Technology cooperation at the Shaastra Festival in IIT Madras form January 3 to 6, 2019.
    - Project description: The project involves the creation of an exhibit that will showcase how US - India collaboration in the area of science and technology/innovation and research and development is positively impacting life between the two countries.
  • Asim's presentation
  • Deccan Chronicle News, Jan 13, 2019 IIT Shastra news
  • Trinity Mirror news, Jan 14, 2019 showcase news
  • Rajsthan Patrika, Jam 19, 2019: hindi news


  • Dec 10th to 14th 2018: The course: “Science Education in the Indian Context: A short course”, was conduced
    - Resource person: Dr Asim Rizvi, Department of Biochemistry, AMU Aligarh and a member of the APJAK STEM ER Center

    - The course was open to PhD students in the Faculties of Science, Life Science and Engineering and Technology, and the Department of Education. A total of 25 students were selected out of 45 applications for the course. Miss Moheeta Khan, research scholar in Physics Education, Dept. of Education, won the Dr. Karen E. Irving Award for the best paper written during the course.
    - Syllabus: The topics covered i) introduction to science education, ii) diversity in the Indian science classroom, iii) academic language and English as a second language in the Indian science classroom, iv) resources and the lack of resources, v) technology and its use in the Indian science classroom.
    - The valedictory function was held on Dec 17th 2018. Mr. Abdul Hameed, IPS, Registrar of the AMU was the Chief Guest. and Prof. Sartaj Tabassum (Chair, Dept. of Chemistry), Prof. Qayyum Hussain (Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences) and Prof. Mirza Mohd Sufiayan Beg (Principal, Z.H. Engineering College) were the guests of honour along with the presence of Prof. Tauheed Ahmad, Director of the centre and Prof. Farukh Arjmand, the co-director of the centre. Center members Dr. Sabiha Parveen apprised the guests of the aim of the centre and Miss Swaleha Naseem proposed the vote of thanks.

  • Sept 13, 14, 2018: INTERACTIVE SESSION: on Educational and Research opportunities

  • The Center held a two-day Interactive Sessions, Sep 13 for female students and Sep 14 for male students to discuss
    - Center background,
    - Educational and Research scopes available at the Center
    - Applications to US universities
  • Program of the event

    Presentations: Director Prof. Tauheed, - Co-Director Prof. Farukh, - Day 1: Chief Guest Dr. Hamida Mansour \& Guest of Honor Prof. Naima, - Day 2: Guest of Honor Prof. Asfar Khan

  • March 12, 2018: INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 2018 Celebration:

    - i) Entrance of the STEM ER Center, ii) Banner

  • On March 12, 2018: All participants of the Aligarh WSR come together to celectrate the day organized by the APJ Abul Kalam STEM center for Education and Research at its facility (pictures below)
    - Chief Guest Prof. Qudsia Tahseen is one of a few women in India who received the national awards by becoming the member of the three levels of National Academy of Sciences
    - The Guests of Honor were Dr. Hameeda Tariq and Prof. Sultana Nahar
    - Speeches were given and all WSR participants expressed their future dream positions in STEM areas
    - Number of women were recognized for their scientific contributions and as emerging scientists
    - Refreshments were served

  • Jan 27 - Mar 15, 2018: WOMEN IN STEM ROADSHOW PROJECT (support: US Department of State): STEM ER Center provided the base logistics in India for the 9 workshops of project held in 6 locations: Aligarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kurnool, Patna

  • i) Director Prof. Tauheed i) Ahmad and Co-Director Prof. Farukh Arjmand of the APJAK STEM ER Center were recognized for their contributions in organizing the 9th workshop ii) inauguration session and iii) partial audience of the "Women in STEM Roadshow" project, Feb 24, 2018


  • November 20, 2017: Visit by NSF official Dr. Ellen Carpenter:

  • Nov 2017: i) Center visit by NSF Official Dr. Ellen Carpenter, 2) Reception at the center, 3) Meeting Vice Chancellor Prof Tariq Manzoor

    NSF Official Dr. Ellen Carpenter visit APJ Abul Kalam STEM Center, for Education and Research to see the implementation, impact, and outcome of the Indo-US Knowledge Initative Award for the parternship between OSU and AMU and women involvement in STEM field. AMU News.
    Dr. Carpenter expressed interest and impressed by the center and suggested to move ahead with proposals submission
    - Event Program, - welcome to Kalam STEM ER Center - Buchet presentation, - Presentations at the center, - Welcome note from Prof. Tauheed Ahmed, - APJ Abul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center overview by Prof. Farukh Arjmand, - STEM faculty training program by Dr. Asim Rizvi
    Visit to Nanotechnology Center:
    - With Profs. Naqvi, Absar, Farukh, Qudsia Tahseen
    Visit to Abdullah Women's College:
    - Ellen Meeting the Principal of the college, - discussions, - meeting students at the Abdullah Women's College
    - Lunch with members of the STEM ER Center

  • Aug 16-20, 2017: Plan for STEM Team AMU team in 2017 plans short visit to Jahangirabad Institute of Technology (JiT) for research and education Departments (delayed by the classes)

  • July 12, 2017: Women in STEM Roadshow proposal
  • The proposal "Indo-US Collaboration: STEM Educational and Research Opportunities for Women from Minorities and Disadvantaged Group" for which the Center is a part was submitted under the US Program "Women in STEM Roadshow" of U.S. MISSION INDIA PUBLIC DIPLOMACY GRANTS PROGRAM
    - September 2017, Proposal was selected by the Department of States

  • July 11, 2017: The first banner

    Welcoming to Prof. Altaf Wani and AMU Coordinator Prof. Alim Naqvi

  • The "Indo-US APJ Abdul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center" gets it first banner at its allotted space in the Engineering Building in the welcoming ceremony of Prof. Altaf Wani of OSU in the presence of Members of the Center (Courtesy: AMU Co-Director Prof. Arjmand Farukh)

  • April 1, 2017: The OSU-AMU STEM ER center founded in 2013 was formalized as an independent center with legal and financial structure for conitnuing OSU-AMU activities and grant applilcations in the concluding Symposium of the Obama-Singh knowledge initiative award

  • Legal and Financial Structure meetings of the Center in March 2017

  • March 2017: Drafting of the center structure and meetings: Dr. Craig Dicker of US Center in Delhi, VC Zameer Uddin Shah and Registrar Prof Javaid Akhtar of AMU, Anil Pradhan, Sultana Nahar
    - General Meeting with all AMU officials, March 28, 2017

  • Sultana met Vice Chancellor Prof. Khurshid Andrabi and Vice President of Academic Affairs Prof. Ashraf Wani of University of Kashmir which is now committed to the STEM ER consortium of the center, March 2017

  • Sultana met with NIT-Srinagar Director regarding Indo-US consortium for the STEM Education and Research Center (picture with the Director, Physics Chair and Physics Prof Rubab), Kashmir, March 2017


  • OSU Ofice of International Affairs - India Gateway news, February 2019: "Sinha Impressed with Indo-U.S. STEM Education and Research Center"

  • AMU News Jan 30, 2019, "Indian-American community members visit APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Center",

  • AMU facebook News: "Indian-American community members visit APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Center",

  • AMU News "APJ Abdul Kalam STEM ER Centre organises interactive session with University graduates", Sep 14, 2018

  • APS News article "Indo-U.S. STEM Education and Research Center in India", Sultana Nahar, January 2018 (Volume 27, Number 1, p.2 )

  • AMU News: " US Embassy official visits APJ Abdul Kalam Center for STEM Education and Research", November 25, 2017

  • OSU News: "Indo-U.S. Centre of Excellence in STEM-ER is Established", Office of International Affairs, April 28, 2017

  • "AMU establishes Centre of STEM-ER in consonance with Ohio State University", AMU News, April 24, 2017

  • AMU establishes Centre of Excellence in STEM-ER, ALIGARH, The Aligarh Muslim University, India, April 15, 2017



  • Anonymous, 2017


  • Professor Tariq Rizvi, Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University, 2018
  • S.N. Nahar paid for expenses incurred for a few events

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