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MDM Observatory

The MDM Observatory - photo by Ray Bertram
General Information:
About the MDM Observatory
MDM Observatory Web Page (Michigan)
MDM Mountain Web Server (KPNO)
Current Observing Schedule

Observing Preparation:
MDM Observing Preparation Form
Rules for MDM Observers
Transport, Lodging, & Meals at MDM

Telescope, Instrument & Detector Info:
MDM Technical Pages
MDM CCD Detectors
TIFKAM: OSU Near-IR Imager/Spectrometer
CCDS: Boller & Chivens CCD Spectrograph
MDM4K: MDM 4K CCD Imager
RETROCAM: RETRactable Optical CAmera for Monitoring

MDM Consortium Partners:
Columbia University Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Dartmouth College Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Michigan Astronomy Department
The Ohio State University Astronomy Department
Ohio University Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

MDM Weather Information
Live MDM Weather (updates every minute)