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Reports & Publications

Astronomy Department Magazine 1.7M PDF

Graduate Study Handbook 225k PDF

BAAS Annual Reports:
2004: [PostScript (359k)| gzipped PS (163k)| PDF (183k)]
2003: [PostScript (479k)| gzipped PS (213k)| PDF (226k)]
2002: [PostScript (424k)| gzipped PS (191k)| PDF (193k)]
2001: [PostScript (393k)| gzipped PS (176k)| PDF (182k)]
2000: [PostScript (511k)| gzipped PS (144k)| PDF (360k)]
1999: [PostScript (424k)| gzipped PS (116k)]
1998: [PostScript (448k)| gzipped PS (136k)]
1997: [PostScript (400k)| gzipped PS (120k)]
1996: [PostScript (224k)| gzipped PS (73k)]
1995: [PostScript (240k)| gzipped PS (81k)]
1994: [PostScript (280k)| gzipped PS (95k)]

Note: BAAS Reports ceased publication after 2004.

PDF files above require Acrobat Reader.