• Partnership between The Ohio State University and The Aligarh Muslim University: A recipient of

    US-India Education Foundation (USIEF): "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI)" Award

    Project title:
    Training the Next Generation of STEM Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in India"

  • Director: Dr. Anil K. Pradhan (OSU), Prof. Wasi Hyder (AMU)
  • Associate Directors: Dr. Sultana N. Nahar (OSU), Dr. Karen Irving (OSU), Prof. Alim Naqvi (AMU), Dr. Nesar Ahmad (AMU)

    MEd-STEM Program: 2013-2016 Academic Activities & Fellows
    TEACHING, STEM Conferences participated under the program
    RESEARCH FELLOWS 2016-2017
    STEM ER program presentations: Conferences, Meetings
    OSU-AMU Internatioal STEM Conference 2016,
    OSU-AMU Symposium 2017,


  • Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Awards were announced by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, in Delhi, India on June 24, 2013 (Christian Science Monitor news)

  • AMU News 2013: Details of the STEM program in "The OSU-AMU Pilot Project Gets Award Under OBAMA-SINGH 21stCentury Knowledge Initiative

  • "Executive Summary" of the project published at USIEF website: "The STEM Faculty Project: Training the Next Generation of STEM Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in India"

  • Project flyer of OSU: Highlights of the project
  • AMU News Highlight, December 12, 2013: STEM ER Collaboration and in Research Highlights

    PRESS RELEASE of the awards at

  • U.S. Department of State: "The United States and India Announce Obama-Singh Awards Connecting Universities to Solve Global Challenges", June 25, 2013

  • USIEF: "2013 Grant Recipients: Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Announces Second Round of Awards"

  • OSU and AMU teams worked on student selections, 2013-2014: Anil Preadhan with AMU Advisors

  • FELLOWS Selected under the project:

  • 2014: Four AMU students, two males and two females, were selected as the Obama-Singh STEM ER Fellows

    - Mr. Asim Rizvi (Biochemistry)
    - Ms. Hala (Physics)
    - Mr. Malik Azeem Anwar (Zoology)
    - Ms. Nida Rehmani (Biochemistry)

  • News of the Fellows

  • Picture of the fellows, Flyer (1st page, center of the bottom row, also presentation title, number 13 under STEM) for the Forum of OSU Outreach and Engagement program, May 2016

  • 2016: Four AMU students, two males and two females, were selected as the Obama-Singh STEM Research Fellows

    - Parvez Alam (Biotechnology)
    - Sabiha Parveen (Chemistry)
    - Swaleha Naseem (Nanotechnology under Applied Physics of Engineeringy)
    - Taqseer Khan (Mathematics)

    L OSU: Sultana, Hala, OSU Presdient Drake, Malik, Asim, May 2015, M: Fellows and OSU Advisors, August 2014, R: International conference of NANO & and STEM ER, March 2016

    L: OSU: Taqseer, Parvez, Sabiha, OSU President Drake, Swaleha, Sultana, M: OSU Reception, August 25, 2016, R: Taqseer at Math conference at Harvard University, Nov 2016

    Symposium, April 1, 2017: L: Group picture with 8 Fellows from AMU with their AMU advisors, M: Sultana presents outcome of the project, R: Anil Pradhan presents formalization of the Indo-US Center for STEM ER


  • Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Aims:

    The initiative aims to strengthen collaboration and build partnerships between American and Indian institutions of higher education. Each project will receive an award of approximately $250,000 that can be utilized over a three year period, with the aim of encouraging mutual understanding, educational reform, and economic growth, as well as the development of junior faculty at Indian and American institutions of higher learning.

  • OSU STEM Project objectives:

    Rapidly emerging countries have an unparallel need for higher education. However, they lack educational infrastructure. The main objective of the current program is: "To train those who would teach". In India. the current need is to train at least 300,000 faculty members for existing and upcoming institutions of higher education for about 150 million students. (No Indian university is among the 200 universities of international ranking. The need is explained, e.g. Samachar news Great news! The 12th Five-Year plan will focus on education", October 4, 2013)
    Sify News: "$94 billion on basic education doesn't address teaching crisis", May 4, 2015
    india has a population of abiut 1.3 billion where more than 50% are of age 22-25 and 179 million Muslims.

  • The world-class US universities specialize in teaching large number of students in the widest possible array of disciplines. The examples are the members of the Committee of Institutional Cooperation (CIC) which are the Big-Ten universities, such, the Ohio State University, and University of Chicago.

  • Under the program OSU will establish, in collaboration with AMU, a STEM Center for education and research (ER) at Aligarh Muslim University: "OSU-AMU Center of Excellence for STEM ER

  • Through the OSU-AMU center Aligarth Muslim University will lead the effort involving universities administered by the Central Government of India

  • Objectives and Achievements of the Fellows presented to Minister of Cultural Affairs (public affairs officer PAO) Craig Dicker, US Embassy in Delhi, India, March 29, 2016
  • Group Presentation by the Fellows
  • Event picture, - Presentation by Prof. Wasi Haider, - Prof. Alim Naqvi, - Fellow Nida Rehmani

  • Project Direction

  • Presentation at ASTE 2014 International conference "Preparing STEM Faculty for Indian Universities: USA & India Collaboration Year 1", Karen E. Irving (presenter), Anil Pradhan, Sultana Nahar, Portland, Oregon, September, 2014



  • OSU:
    - Prof Cheryl Achterberg (OSU Dean,Education, Email: cachterberg@ehe.osu.edu)
    - Prof David Manderscheid, (substituting Jo Steinmetz) (OSU Executive Dean, Arts and Sciences, Email: manderscheid.1@osu.edu)
    - Prof David Williams (OSU Dean,Engineering, Email: williams.4219@osu.edu)
    - Prof Patrick Osmer, 2013-2016, (OSU Provost,Grad Studies, Astronomy Professor, Email: posmer@astronomy.ohio-state.edu)
    - Prof. William Brustein, 2013-2016, OSU Chair (OSU Vice Provost, Office of Global Strategies and International Affairs, Email: brustein.1@osu.edu)

  • AMU:
    - AMU Chair of the Project, ProVC, Brig. Ahmed Ali, (Email: pvcamu@amu.ac.in)
    - AMU Dean of Faculty of Science, Prof. Mahshar Raza (Email: azamahshar@gmail.com)
    - AMU Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Prof Hamid Ali (Email: dean@zhcet.ac.in)
    - Prof. S. Alim Husain Naqvi, 2016-2017, (AMU NanoTech, Email: alimhnaqvi@yahoo.com)
    - Prof. Wasi Haider, STEM ER Convener 2013 - 2016 (AMU Physics, Email: wasi42001@gmail.com, wasi42001@carib.com)


  • OSU:
    - Prof. Anil K. Pradhan, Director (OSU Astronomy, Email: pradhan.1@osu.edu)
    - Prof. Adrian Rodgers (OSU Education, Email: rodgers.50@osu.edu)
    - Professor Altaf Wani (Department of Radiology, Email: wani.2@osu.edu)
    - Prof. Anish Arora (OSU CSE, Email: anish@cse.ohio-state.edu)
    - Mr. Christopher Carey, (Director, OSU Global Director, Email: Carey.3@osu.edu)
    - Prof. Karen E. Irving, Assoc Director & STEM coordinator (OSU Education, Email: irving.8@osu.edu, kirving@ehe.osu.edu)
    - Prof. Nimish Shah (OSU Engineering, Email: shah@math.ohio-state.edu)
    - Prof. Prabir K. Dutta (OSU Chemistry, Email: dutta@chemistry.ohio-state.edu)
    - Prof. Rajiv Ramnath (2013-2014)
    - Prof. Siddharth Rajan (OSU CSE, Email: rajan@ece.osu.edu)
    - Prof. Sultana N. Nahar, Assoc Dirctor, Research Advisor, & Chief Liaison of OSU Office (OSU Astronomy, Email: nahar.1@osu.edu)

  • AMU:
    - Prof. Bilquees Bano (AMU Biochemistry, Email: basiddiqui@hotmail.com)
    - Prof. Nesar Ahmad, Project Convener 2016-2017 (AMU Engineering, Email: nesar.ahmad@gmail.com)
    - Prof. Qudsia Tahseen (AMU Zoology, Email: qtahseen@gmail.com)
    - Prof. Rahimullah Khan (AMU Physics, Email: rahimullah@rediffmail.com)
    - Prof. S. Alim Husain Naqvi, 2013-2016, (AMU NanoTech, Email: alimhnaqvi@yahoo.com)
    - Prof. S. Mahdi A. Rizvi (AMU Mechnical Engineering, Email: mahdirizvi@yahoo.com)


  • OSU:
    - Mr. Ratnish Bhattacharya, Director, OSU-India Gateway in Mumbai, India (Email: bhattacharya.11@buckeyemail.osu.edu)
    - Ashley Behrendt, Business Coordinator at OIA (Email: behrendt.16@osu.edu)

  • AMU:
    - Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice Chancellor, AMU (Email: vcamu@amu.ac.in),


    - Mr. Hasan Kamal (Alig, Email: hkamal@gbcwebsite.com)
    - Mr. Nick Booker (UK-IN-EDU, Email: nick@indogenius.com)


    2013: i) Anil Pradhan, Sultana Nahar, Karen Irving, Adrian Rodgers, ii) Council of Academic Affairs

  • A new curriculum was formulated by the OSU team: Anil Pradhan, Sultana Nahar, Karen Irving, Adrian Rodgers which got final approval from Council of Academic Affairs (CAA, curriculum on the screen)), December 3, 2013

  • New MEd-STEM ER Degree curriculam at OSU-AMU for students in India

    Some High-lights of the Porgram:

  • Dual Degree Program for Ph.D. students: MEd-STEM at OSU and Ph.D. at sponsoring institution
  • OSU Colleges: Education, Arts and Sciences, Engineering
  • MA-STEM for undergraduate teaching is new - Extended from high school preparatory courses + Research Inclusion
  • A minimum of 33 Semester Credits are needed for Masters degree, we need $\sim$ 41
  • New Team-taught course: Auditing undergraduate course, helping, monitored by course teacher
  • Fellows are enrolled at OSU for two years:
  • 1st Year (Starting in Summer 2014)
    - Summer: Digital distant learning course - T\&L (Teaching \& Learning) Assessment at AMU by an OSU professor
    - Fall and Spring Semesters: Students come and registered at OSU
    - Enroll to i) STEM education courses and ii) advanced research with the OSU advisor, each with $\sim$ equal number of credits
  • AMU advisor also collaborates in the OSU research project
  • 3-weeks visit by AMU advisor at OSU, and OSU advisor at AMU (suitable time)
  • 2nd Year at AMU}
    - Summer: Student continues research
    - Fall and Spring: Teaches at AMU for Field Experience, supervised by an OSU faculty with input from AMU teacher
    - Works on a small thesis project on innovative teaching at the same time
    - An OSU professor comes to AMU in May 2016 to give final exam and the degree
  • AMU ordinance: OSU research in the respective STEM discipline forms a chapter in the Ph.D. thesis and OSU research advisor is an official Ph.D. co-advisor
  • Fellows are expected to serve at home institution for some years after graduation


  • Some questions and answerw regarding filling up the application form, 2014

  • Important information for both the prospective USIEF Fellows and their advisors:

  • Link to Application for OSU Admission

    Note: 3 letters of recommendation are needed. They should be from teachers and some one who knows you academically

  • Directions for M.ED.-STEM Applications (Prepared by Dr. Adrian Rogers)
    - NOTE: Although the MEd-STEM program have gone through all approvals, the on-line application set-up is not ready yet. So do not expect to complete the application immediately and do not send inquiries to Dr. Adrian Rodgers.

  • Provide both transcripts, B.Sc. and M.Sc, with the application. It is a requirement to compensate the 4 years of undergraduate studies in the US compared to 3 years of study in India and to waive GRE.

  • Minimum English test score requirement: TOEFL =79 or IELTS = 7
    NOTE: ETS, which administers TOEFL or IELTS, keeps the record of the score only for two years. Hence anyone who took the test beyond 2 years in the past from the submission deadline will need to take the test again.

  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required when a degree was earned in an English speaking country

  • Student Visa Process


  • Appreciation gifts for the STEM ER Faculty Training Project at OSU for Anil Pradhan and Sultana Nahar , Professor Tariq Rizvi (AMU alumni and Professor of Mathematics at OSU) at the Certificates Ceremony of Research Scholars, December 28, 2016

  • Appreciation token for the STEM Education and Research Faculty Training Project, Indian Deputy Chief Taranjit S. Sandhu in Washington DC Training Project, OSU, August 19, 2016
    - Anil Pradhan, - Sultana Nahar

  • Presentation: "Training STEM Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in Odisha - Leveraging Obama0Singh Grant",
    - Recognition of "Distinguished Guest Plaque" to Sultana, to A.k. Pradhan, 45th convention of Odisha Society of Americas, Columbus, July 3, 2014, picture with the Odisha minister

  • Recognition plaque, jointly by AMU-DUTY Society and Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathmatics (ISIAM), for contributing to scientific education in India via Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Award, to Anil Pradhan by University representative, and Sultana Nahar by an UGC officer, New Delhi, September 2013

    MEd-STEM Program: 2013-2016 Activities & Fellows


    Left: Malik, Hala, Asim, Nida with diplomas at PVC's office, Right: OSU advisors hold the certificates of the fellows under the new STEM ER degree, May 2016 (Malik's certificate came late)

  • Asim Rizvi, Hala, Mallik Azeem Anwar, Nida Rehmani graduated with MEd under the new program in STEM Education and Research at OSU in May 2016
  • Certificates:
    - Asim Rizvi,
    - Hala,
    - Azeem Malik,
    - Nida Rehmani

    - News: OSU Arts and Sciences Updates and News: see Announcements "Ohio State STEM Education Milestone for India Program"
    - Shahernama News: Felicitation of graduates at AMU
    - Facebook news Hala post news

  • OSU Advisor's info

  • Batch of STEM ER Fellows and Advisors (2014-2016):

    L: 2014 Batch of Fellows with Advisors: L-R: Karen Irving, Guramrit, Pradhan, Wani, Nida, Bruistein, Hala, Malik, Sultana, Asim, OSI Reception 2014, R: Fellows and Advisors at Aligarh Muslim University, final evaluations, March, 2016


  • Fellow Asim Rizvi (Email: rizvirizviasim@gmail.com, rizvi.27@buckeyemail.osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof Imrana Naseem, Department of Biochemistry (Email: imrananaseem2009@gmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof Qi-en Wang, Department of Radiology (Email: qi-en.wang@osumc.edu,Wang.771@osu.edu)

  • Fellow Hala (Email: hala.noman@gmail.com, hala.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof Tauheed Ahmed, Department of Physics (Email: ahmadtauheed@rediffmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Sultana N. Nahar, Department of Astronomy (Email: nahar.1@osu.edu)

  • Fellow Malik Azeem Anwar (Email: malikazeemanwar@gmail.com, malik.169@buckeyemail.osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof Mohammad Afzal, Department of Zoology (Email: afzal1235@rediffmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof Guramrit Singh, Department of Molecular Genetics (Email: singh.734@osu.edu)

  • Fellow Nida Rehmani (Email: nida.rehmani4@gmail.com, rehmani.2@buckeyemail.osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof S.M. Hadi, Department of Biochemistry (Email: smhadi@vsnl.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof Altaf Wani, Department of Radiology (Email: Altaf.Wani@osumc.edu,wani.2@osu.edu)

  • STEM Education Advisor (OSU): Prof Karen Irving, Department of Teaching and Learning (Email: irving.8@osu.edu)
  • Overseeing Research Advisor (OSU): Prof Sultana Nahar, Department of Astronomy (Email: nahar.1@osu.edu)

  • AMU Chairs of the respective Departments:

    - Physics: Prof. Afzal Ansari (Sep, 2015, Email: drmafzalansari@yahoo.com)
    - Physics: Prof Rahimullah Khan (ex-Chair, (Email: rahimullah@rediffmail.com)
    - Biochemistry: Prof. Imrama Naseem
    - Zoology: Prof Iqbal Parwez (Email: iparwez2002@yahoo.co.in)


  • Academic Year 2015- 2016:


  • Fellows made public presentation of their research to their OSU and AMU advisors at AMU in March 2016

  • Fellows made their education project presentations to Karen and Anil at AMU, March 2016

  • For evaluations of the final presentations of the research carried out at OSU and education thesis, OSU team travelled to AMU, Anil and Sultana in February, Karen Irving, Altaf Wani, Qien Wang in March 2016.

  • Some issues on the AMU ordinance on the project was resolved. The ordinance states that OSU research would be a chapter of the Ph.D. thesis and OSU advisor would be officially the co-advisor. PVC held one meeting with all AMU advisors and fellows, AMU committee member Nessar Ahmed, and OSU Research Advisor Sultana on Feb 23, 2016. However, Asim Rizvi's case became an issue which was solved somewhat differently

    Asim's research publication


  • Karen Irving advised the fellows individually for their education projects for two weeks. Although each student received project credit, the amount of work each performed was equivalent to a Master thesis in education.

  • Sultana delivered at AMU a condensed 3-weeks course on "Atomic Spectroscopy of Collisional and Radiative Processes in Astrophysical Plasmas" with computational workshops on R-matrix codes and SUPERSTRUCTURE which was attended to completion by 80 participants from Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science, Feb 20 - March 11, 2016

  • Sultana Nahar (as Chief Guest) and Anil Pradhan (as Guest of Honor) participated National Science Day celebration at AMU held on March 11, 2016 Anil Pradhan gave the public lecture on the solar problem.

  • Visited USIEF office in Delhi on students updates, having a new batch of students, STEM ER conference ([icture with Archita Jha)

  • A meeting was held with all adivisors before leaving for India. Item discussed on students, conference, next batch of students, funding distribution, visit the USIEF office in Delhi. - OSU advisors meeting before leaving for India

  • SPRING SEMESTER 2016 (Last semester of the new OSU MED-STEM Program)

  • Spring 2016 (Last semester of the new OSU MED-STEM Program): Fellows are enrolled to Education Project credits with advisor Karen Irving and research credit of their own discipline.
    - They have filled out the graduation forms and have got the approval
    - They are expected to make presentations on both on March 9, 2016
    - All scores are due by April 15, 2016


  • The four fellows are registered for Fall 2015 at OSU to carry out i) Field experience course at AMU, & work on the STEM education projectm, and ii) write-up their research work done at OSU. Teaching for Field experience course (each with the facuty member of the course)
    For the Field Experience course at AMU, Fellows taught in their respective Department of STEM disciplines
    - Asim Rizvi: Cell Biology and a practical course, BSc Final Year students, Biochemistry Department of AMU
    - Hala: Course Name: Otics, B.Sc IIIrd Semester
    Number of Students: 40, Number of Lectures: 4 per week
    - Malik Azeem: Genetics, 2nd year undergraduate students in the Zoology Department of the Women's College of AMU
    - Nida Rehmani: Environmental Biochemistry and Immunology, B.Sc Hons (Final Year/III year)
    No of Students- 50 (Approx)

  • Phase II is initiated - June 2015. The four fellows are back at AMU, but continue as OSU students


  • Academic Year 2014- 2015:

  • Phase I is complete - June 2015. Four fellows completed i) their OSU courses with excellent grades, ii) final presentation of their research at OSU which will be part of their Ph.D. thesis.

  • Fellow Aism Rizvi left after his presentations due to urgent surgery of his father

  • At end of May 2015, a reception was held with all fellows, OSU advisors, and OIA officials
    - pic1, - pic2, - pic3

  • We had a day trip to Old Man's cave in Hocking Hills of Ohio, 70 miles south-each of Columbus, - at the highest Fall, - at the 3rd fall, checking a sleeping snake, - on a hill of layers of stones, May 31, 2015

  • AMU ProVice Chancellor Brigadier Ali made official visit with Mrs. Ali to OSU and held meetings with number of people
    - Visit Nanotechnology Center , - Suvenior exchanges OSU Vice Provost of OIA Brustein to PVC Ali, - PVC to Brustein, - PVC to Vice Provost of Graduate Studies Osmer, - Meeting with Vice Provost of Education Cherrl Atberg (leftmost), - Presentation by PVC to group, - lunch hosted by Vice Provost Bruistein, June 4-5, 2015


  • Fellows presented proposed work on Education research, May 2015
    - Asim Rizvi STEM project: "Probing Nature of Science Views of Biology Professors in India and the United States."
    - Hala STEM project: "Misconception on Quantum Mechanics among Indian Students"
    - Malik Azeem STEM project: "A Comparative study of the use of Classroom Management System."
    - Nida Rehmani STEM project: "Assessing  student approaches towards learning and correlation to their achievement : Implications towards a student centered model of teaching in science."


    - Asim Rizvi research title: "Calcitriol reduces CD44/CD117 positive ovarian cancer stem cells like cells" (Presentation)
    - Hala research title: "R-matrix electron-impact excitation of C-like Silicon including fine structure" (Presentation)
    - Malik Azeem research title: "Partnership of ASAP with EJC in post- transcriptional gene regulation." (Presentation)
    - Nida Rehmani research title: "DNA damage induced by the catecholamine neurotransmitter, Dopamine and related" (Presentation)

  • Malik was very excited to meet Nobel prize winner Graig C. Mello who was visitng OSU. He wrote on April 15, 2015
    "The most joyous moment at Columbus was last Sunday when I met a Nobel Laureate Dr. Craig C. Mello who was at Ohio state university. I had a brief discussion for around 5 mins and finally he appreciated my ideas and shook hands with me.
      I can not put into words how much i am thankful to the team (Dr. Anil, Dr. Sultana and Dr. Karen and others) that made this program possible. I am very thankful to you all.

  • Nida Rehmani participated in judging the posters in Denman Undergraduate Researh Forum at OSU on April 25, 2015. She writes her experience "I hope this message finds you well. I had the opportunity to attend the Denman's undergraduate research forum, 2015, today held in the RPAC. I also served as a judge there and judged the student posters in the health professionals category. It was an amazing experience to take away from OSU with about 624 undergraduates participating in the forum.
    Thanks for informing me about this splendid event."

  • The fellows are not planning to take a break during spring break, March 12 - 22, 2015. We went to Lavash dinner where Anil treated everyone. It gave the opportunity to get the updates of research of each student.

  • Steering commitee meeting, March 4, 2015
    - Attendance: Reports were by Director Anil Pradhan on general progress and future plan, STEM teaching advisor Karen Irving on courses, Sultana Nahar on general research progress, individual advisors Guramrit Singh, Q. Wang, Altaf Wani, Sultana Nahar on research, Altaf Wani on Indian universities;
    - Comments were by William Brustein, committee members Prabir Dutta and Anish Arora, Ishika and Sara.

  • Nida Rehmani was excited to meet and make a connection with Nobel laureate Professor Carol Greider of Johns Hopkins University. She wrote "I had the privilege of interacting with her after her lecture at the James Cancer Hospital. She was awarded the Block Memorial Lectureship award here. She was awarded the Nobel prize for her discovery of the enzyme Telomerase in 2009. She shared the prize with Elizabeth Blackburn with whom she was working as a postdoctorate fellow."

  • Research Status Report of Fellows in March 2015:
  • Research Statement of Asim Rizvi
  • Research Statement of Hala
  • Research Statement of Malik Azeem Anwar
  • Research Statement of Nida Rehmani

  • Spring 2015: Fellows are enrolled to classes, Multicultural course, Teaching apprentice and independent study, and are continuing their research.

  • Fellows did not take any time off during winter break. They had only occasional social events, mainly at Sultana's relatives places.
    - Nida celebrated her birthday on January 6 with a relative of Sultana.
    - Malik's bithday was celebrated on January 8. - Listening to Malik observing his birthday for the first time in his life, - Malik and Alburuj, Sultana's son

  • Hala's AMU advisor Professor Tauheed Ahmad visited OSU during Decembe14 - January15, had meetings for progress in research and collaboration, and future plans

  • End of Fall 2014: All fellows have received excellent grade from the classes. For research:
    - Asim Rizvi is working on the braast and lung cancers in rats and immunity development using vitamin D.
    - Hala is studying electron impact collision on Si IX in astrophysical environment, she spent a month at National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) for both spectroscopy measurement on Se ions and analysis
    - Malik Azim spent time in setting up the new lab of his OSU advisor Professor Guramrit Singh at Molecular Genetics Department, learnt various techniques, and carried out research on dna in proteins. He has got some new findings which he will be pursuing for verifications
    - Nida Rehmani verified her experimental results, but with much higher accuracy, at the advanced Biomedical lab at OSU which she already obtained at AMU lab for cancer treatment with Cu interaction. She is moving to next phase of her project.

  • Professor Karen Irving takes group to Amish county: tour at - Amish school, - Amish horse cart, - Amish barn, November 2014

  • Hala, Malik and Nida attended Sara N. Lim's Ph.D. defence, thesis titled "Low Energy X-ray Radiosensitization Activated with High-Z Elements", November 6, 2014

  • In September 2014, Nida Rehmani joined Sultana and her sisters to Sultana's Distinguished Alumni Award ceremony at Wayne State University during Homecoming game. - She used the visit to meet Dr. Aamir Ahmad at WSU Cancer Institute.

  • Karen Irving taught the course "Methods in Teaching Secondary Science: II": lecture class. It was a new and very interesting class where Anil Pradhan and myself were asked to attend

  • Fall semester 2014: The fellows took "Methods in Teaching Secondary Science: II", "Research Apprenticeship" classes under College of Education and Human Ecology and research credits in their respective discipline with OSU research advisors.

  • A reception was held for the STEM ER Fellows where all OSU advisors, Altaf Wani, GurAmrit Singh, Karen Irving, Wang, Willum Bruistein, Pat Osmer, Chris Carey, Brad Peterson, Ashely and others came and formal introduction was made, August 26, 2014, Fellows with OSU advisors, Speech by William Brustein, by Pat Osmer

  • The four Fellows: Asim Rizvi, Hala, Malik Azeem Anwar, Nida Rehmani arrived OSU on August 10, 2014. They have initiated research in their respective departments: Astronomy (Hala), Biomedical Research (Asim, Nida), Zoology (Malik) and registered for classes for the Fall Semester 2014 (Tea break at Sultana's office, and discussion on plan on the 1st day at OSU)

  • Four Fellows are taking OSU class through distant learning technology. They are going ahead with challenges from power and internet interruptions by weather, delayed transmissions, June 2014.

  • Karen Irving is leading the effort for the Summer class of AMU fellows via digital tech connection, carmen, which will start on June 16, 2014

  • OSU Advisory Committee Meeting, June 10, 2014:
    - Attended by Anil Pradhan, Cheryl Achterberg, Chris Carey, Karen Irving, David Manderscheid, David William, Pat Osmer, Sultana Nahar, William Brustein
    - Along with progress report, the condition on English requirement beyond TOEFL for the incoming students were discussed. There may be scope to avoid or reduce the English requirement testx.

  • Students have received the fellowship offer letters from OSU and are preparing for US visa application, June 2014


  • AMU submits the proposal for continuation of the project for 30 more students for 3 years, April 29, 2014

  • USIEF Reception: Adam Grotsky met and spoke with Anil Pradhan, and Sultana Nahar, Delhi, March 14, 2014

  • March 2014:
    Four AMU students, two males and two females, have been selected as the USIEF Fellows under the Project: Asim Rizvi (Biochemisty), Hala (Physics), Malik Azeem Anwar (Zoology), Nida Rehmani (Biochemistry)

  • Feb 10 - March 11, 2014: Final selection process and interviews of the USIEF applicants

  • STEM ER meeting with the VC, - Steering commitee, February 2014

  • AMU provided full hospitality to all OSU team members at its guesthouses, which included 5-weeks stay by Nahar, Pradhan, Feb - March 2014

  • Anil K. Pradhan and Sultana N. Nahar travel to India in January 2014 with agenda:
    - i) Final selection of the students,
    - ii) Introduction of the new MEd-STEM degree at OSU to Indian institutions,
    - iii) Carry out project objective work: 1) research oriented teaching at AMU, 2) Co-sponsorhip of Aligarh Nano-IV International 2014 conference
    - iv) Progress of fund seeking strategy for continuation of OSU-AMU Center of Excellence

  • Current status:
    December 2013:
    - Project milestone! MEd-STEM program gets final approval from CAA, December 4, 2013 - Messege from Randy Smith, Vice Provost for Academic Programs

    - OSU-AMU MEd-STEM curriculum proposal is under Council of Academic Affairs (CAA), December 2013
    - STEM departments have been accepting and reviewing the STEM degree applications November 2013:
    - Approved by Curriculum Committee
    - Reviewing comments from Curriculum Committee on the STEM MED degree curriculum proposal, November 2013
    - Exploring matching of research of prospective AMU students to those of OSU
    - STEM departments have been accepting and reviewing the STEM degree applications

  • MOA between OSU and AMU, signed, November 11, 2014

  • Scope offer at OH-TECH, September, 2013

  • Meeting at USIEF office in New Delhi: Project updates and future extenstions (conference room,USIEF, with Archita), September 2013

  • OSU team initiates establishment of the Center of Excellence of STEM Education and Research at AMU, September 2013: AMU News Highlight - "AMU VC Addressing the STEM-ER"
    - STEM ER Project Presentations (University Meeting picutres,
    - Presentations at AMU Women's College
    - AMU Nanotechnology Center visit,
    - Concert at Kennedy Auditorium)
    - 3 Meetings of Advisory Coommittee and Steering Committee (Sept 15, Sept 16, Sept 17)
    - Presentation of "Bab-e-Syed" momento of Aligarh Muslim University by the VC in recognition of contribution for the STEM ER rtnership between OSU and AMU, 2013 to OSU Team: Anil Pradhan, Ratnesh Bhattacharya, Sultana Nahar
    - Telescope inauguration and physics awards

  • The OSU-AMU meeting on STEM project action plan, with VC Zameeruddin Shah and Aligarh Alumni Association, Atlanta, Georgia, June, 2013
    - News published in Forum of International Physics News: "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Award for the Ohio State University ˗ Aligarh Muslim University Partnership"


    - L: Swaleha, Sultana, Anil, Taqseer, Parvez in Ohio, August 14, 2016, M: Completion of research certificates for Parvez, Swaleha, Taqsee, December 2016 R: Visit to Vice Chancellor Zameer Uddin Shah after return to AMU, Feb 2017

  • Accomplishments of the Fellows on their OSU research projects:

  • 2018: Parvez, Sabiha, Taqseer (Parvez not in the picture), received their Ph.D. degrees.
    - Parvez: Started postdoc at IIT-Delhi before completion of Ph.D., will join lab in Aahus University in Denmark in June 2018
    - Sabiha: Applying for postdoctoral fellowships
    - Taqseer: Has got permanent position in the Math Department of JMI in Delhi

  • Parvez Alam, Swaleha Naseem, Taqseer Khan received the Certificates of Completion of research at OSU, December 28, 2016
  • Certificates:
    - Parvez Alam,
    - Sabiha Parveen,
    - Swaleha Naseem,
    - Taqseer Khan
    - Project collaboration will continue until the Ph.D. defence of the Fellows. Each OSU advisor is a co-advisor of their Ph.D. thesis.
    - Sabiah continues at OSU until Feb 28, 2017 due to late arrival

  • Swaleha's OSU work (Abstract T1.00214 in Bill. Am. Phys. Soc.) is to be presented at the APS March Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana during March 13-17, 2017

  • Taqseer submits his math paper with OSU advisor Jan Lang and an OSU collaborator for publication, December 9, 2016

  • Taqseer Khan made presentation at the Math conference CDM 2016 on his project on "Behavior of s-numbers for Volterra type operators" held at Harvard University during November 18-19, 2016. He recevied partial support from the conference and hospitality of an Alig family living by Harvard University. Taqseer's writes about his experience


    L: 2016-2017 Batch of Fellows at completion ceremony: R: O-H-I-O: Parvez, Swaleha, Sabiha, Taqseer


  • Fellow Parvez Alam (Email: parvezalam777@gmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof Jaroniec Christopher, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Email: jaroniec@chemistry.ohio-state.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof Rizwan Khan, Department of Biotechnology (Email: rizwanhkhan1@gmail.com)

  • Fellow Sabiha Parveen (Email: sabihap1@gmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof James A Cowan, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Email: cowan.2@osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof. Farukh Arjmand, Department of Chemistry (Email: farukh_arjmand@yahoo.co.in)

  • Fellow Swaleha Naseem (Email: nswaleha@gmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof. Roland Kawakami, Department of Physics (Email: roland.kawakami@gmail.com, kawakami.15@osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof. Shakeel Khan, Department of Applied Physics (Email: skhanapd@gmail.com)

  • Fellow Taqseer Khan (Email: taqi.khan91@gmail.com)
    - OSU Advisor: Prof Jan Lang, Department of Mathematics (Email: lang.162@osu.edu)
    - AMU Advisor: Prof M. Mursaleen, Department of Mathematics (Email: mursaleenm@gmail.com)

  • Overseeing Research Advisor (OSU): Prof Sultana Nahar, Department of Astronomy (Email: nahar.1@osu.edu)


  • Parvez Alam makes presentation "Effect of copper binding on human prion protein (HuPrP23- 144) aggregation", with his advisor Professor Christopher Jaroniec (left to Parvez) and group after presentation, Decmber 2016
    - Comment of advisor: "He has found a potential discovery of protein reaction to Cu - work is equivalent to half of a paper, needs re-verifications"

  • Sabiha Parveen makes presentation, with her advisor Professor Jimmy Cowen (left to Parvez) and group after presentation, February 20, 2017
    - Comment of advisor: "She is a quck learner, has found prospective cancer drug using Cu complexes, results could make one paper"

  • Swaleha Naseem makes presentation "Growth of Pristine/ Transition Metal doped TiO2 thin films through MBE and studying its microstructural , Optical and Magnetic Properties", with her advisor Professor Ronald Kawakami (right to Swaleha) and group after presentation, Decmber 2016
    - Comment of advisor: "She has learnt a lot, unusual in such a short time. ... Her findings with TiO2 have not been studied before and plan for a publication."

  • Taqseer Khan makes presentation "A Study of strict s-numbers of the Volterra operato", with advisor Professor Jan Lang (left to Taqseer) and group after presentation, Decmber 2016
    - Comment of advisor: "He has opened the door to paradise - he can enrich the field of s-numbers of Volterra operators in approximation theory"

  • Fellows carry on their Research Projects:

  • We took a trip to Niagara Falls trip, December 2016

  • Thanksgiving Day, at Ohio Union, OSU, at Sultana's house, November, 2016

  • Fellows meet with Sultana on research progress every other Friday

  • Parvez's research (Biotechnology research in OSU Chemistry Department): Elucidating the mechanism of antibiotic resistance in Enterobacteriacene"

  • Sabiha Parveens research (Cancer drug in OSU Chemistry Department): - "Design and Synthesis of chiral R/S-metallo drug: Enantiomeric discrimination  with CT–DNA, selective cleavage of G- Quadruplex telomeric DNA  and kinetic studies of cleavage of puC19 DNA"

  • Swaleha's research (nanotechnology in the Physics Department): Growth of TiO2 thin films through MBE and study the optical and magnetic properties

  • Taqseer's research (approximation theory in OSU Math Department: s-numbers for Volterra operators

  • Break at Labor Day weekend: at Old Man's cave, at one of cave's fall, under picture of the Old Man, Hocking Hills, Ohio, September 2016

  • Eid in Ohio: After Eid prayer, - at Sultana's mother's grave, - at Eid visit

  • Reception of the Fellows on August 25, 2016
    - Speech by Vice Provost William Brustein, - past Vice Provost of Graduate Studies Pat Osmer, - Pat Osmer, Astronomy Chair David Weinberg, Math Chair (Lima campus) Tariq Rizvi, - Anil, William, Christopher Carey - Advisor Ronald, Swaleha, Taqseer, Parvez

  • Arrived on Saturday, fellows started at OSU on Monday, August, 2016


  • While at AMU all four fellows prepared themselves for their OSU research projects before leaving

  • The four Research Fellows with proposed research under the program are:

  • Parvez Alam (Biotechnology), - Research at OSU
  • Swaleha Naseem (Nanotechnology under Applied Physics of Engineeringy), - research at OSU
  • Taqseer Khan (Mathematics), - Research at OSU

  • Selected Research Fellows and arrival at OSU, AUGUST 2016:

  • Due to long J-1 visa process, Sabiha Parveen arrives OSU on October 11, 2016

  • Parvez, Swaleha, Taqseer arrive at OSU on August 13, 2016 and start their projects on Aug 15, 2016. Sabiha is delalyed by visa process

  • Three of the feloows, Parvez Alam, Swaleha Naseem, Taqseer Khan have received US visa, July 2016, Sabiha is going through US visa process

  • Selected Research Fellows are: Parvez Alam, Sabiha Parveen, Swaleha Naseem, Taqseer Khan, April 2016


  • USIEF has extended Obama-Singh STEM ER program at the Ohio State University until May 2017 as OSU introduces a Research Fellowship program for AMU graduate students.

  • Under the Research Fellowship pprogram, AMU students will spend Fall semester 2016 at OSU for collaborative research.

  • AMU homepage announcement AMU and OSU Collaboration under "Important Notifications" and Annoucement, Jan 2016
  • Collection and sorting of applications by Dr. Sajjad (AMU), Nahar (OSU)

  • Application deadline: March 1, 2016


    - Postgraduate students with completed course work

    - Advanced in a research project at AMU for quick pick up the project at OSU as the research should be part of the thesis of the student

    - Overlap matching of research areas for an advisor at OSU

    - Research should have the prospect of long term collaboration between AMU and OSU

    - A research statement describing research experience and a proposed research project to be carried out at OSU. Applicants are requested to search for OSU faculty members with overlapped research areas and describe the research plan with the prospective OSU advisors. They may not contact the prospective advisors but can use their names in the proposal. Once students are in the short list, the prospective advisors will be contacted.

    - Get names, departments, and email addresses for the prospective OSU research advisors at interview with OSU and AMU representatives Nahar, Pradhan, Athar at AMU during February 22 and March 11, 2016

    - Application (one complete pdf-file) containing academic, research records, research statement and 3 recommendation letters to be submitted electronically to
    Professor Mohammad Sajjad Athar: sajathar@gmail.com
    Marksheets should be fine, but should be verified with Sajjad Athar for AMU requirement.

    - Good english communication skill

    - Skype interview with the prospective advisors

    - Two male and two female students

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Selection of the four students will be announced tentatively in April, 2016

  • The four research fellows have been selected in April 2016


    Conference: 1) Brustein's keynote speech, 2) fellows and advisors after all presentations, 3) Participants

    The partnership of the Ohio State University and Aligarh Muslim University is holding the joint "International Conference of nanotechnolgy, Aligarh NANO V, and STEM Education and Research (STEMCON16)" at Aligarh during March 12-15, 2016

    - March 12, 2016: Inauguration of Aligarh NANO V & STEMCON16
    - March 12-14, 2016: Sessions on Nanotechnology
    - March 14-15, 2016: Sessions on STEMCON16

  • Conference poster for summary of details

  • OSU announcement on India Gateway page of Office of International Affairs: "International Conference on Nanotechnology and STEM-Education and Research", November 2015

  • Conference website: "Aligarh Nano - V & STEMCON - 16 (March 12 - 15, 2016)"

  • Banner displays: Nano Center Hallway, campus roadside

  • Message from Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zewail, read at the inauguration session, March 12, 2016

  • Messages from Sultana Nahar, Anil Pradhan in the Abstract book

  • Inauguration Session:
    STEM EP Project presentation by
    - Anil Pradhan
    - Karen Irving
    - William Brustein, Sultana Nahar - Sultana's presentation on the Research under the project

  • Recognitions in the session:
  • OSU recognized contributions of 6 members of AMU with certificates and OSU gifts:
    - VC Zameer Uddin Shah,
    - PVC Brigadier Ali,
    - Professor Wasi Haider,
    - Professor Alim Naqvi,
    - Professor Rahimullah Khan,
    - Alig Hasan Kamal

  • AMU recognized OSU contributions by giving William Brustein Syed Gate plaque and Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zewail, who sent a message for the conference, Stretchy Hall plaque
  • After reading message from Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zewail, Sultana introduced Prof. Kholmurad of Moscow State University who honored Prof. Alim Naqvi (founder of Nanotechnology center) with Samarkand Honorary attire

  • Recognition of STEM ER Fellows and OSU advisors for completion of degree requirements
  • All four fellows: Hala, Malik Azeem Anwar, Nida Rehmani, Asim Rizvi, and their OSU research advisors in STEM discipline and education were recognized by the AMU VC Zameer Uddin Shah for completiion of the requirements of OSU MEd degree
  • All four fellows: Hala, Malik Azeem Anwar, Nida Rehmani, Asim Rizvi, and their OSU research advisors in STEM discipline and education were recognized by the AMU VC Zameer Uddin Shah for completiion of the requirements of OSU MEd degree:
    - STEM ER Fellow: Hala
    - STEM ER Fellow: Malik Azeem Anwar
    - STEM ER Fellow: Nida Rehmani
    - STEM ER Fellow: Asim Rizvi
    - OSU Education Advisor Professor Karen Irving (Education project for all 4 students)
    - OSU Research Advisor Professor Altaf Wani (Radiology for Nida Rehmani)
    - OSU Research Advisor Professor Qien Wang (Radiology for Asim Rizvi)
    - OSU Research Advisor Professor Sultana N. Nahar (Astronomy for Hala)

  • Sultana N. Nahar prizes for the best oral and poster presentations in Physical sciences and biotechnology:

    1) Best oral presentation (physical science): Rubiya Samad, University of Kashmir
    2) Best poster (physical science): A female participant
    3) Best oral presentation (biotechnology): Botany student, AMU
    4) Best poster (biotechnology): Nida Rehmani, AMU

  • Scheduled Program for Aligarh Nano V and STEM ER Sessions

  • News in "International Conference on Nanotechnology and STEM-ER", June 2016 newsletter, India Gateway of OIA, OSU


  • Submission deadline, March 1, 2016

  • Abstract should be submitted through email at: aligarhnano@gmail.com

  • Registration Fee (Deadline Feb 1, 2016):

  • International Student: $150
  • International Faculty Member: $200
  • Local expenses such as, meals, lodging, transportation including Delhi airport to Aligarh will be covered under registration fee
  • Registration fee may be waived for students in special case recommended by the conference committee
  • For any financial assistance for presenters Contact: Professor Naqvi with presentation title and abstract at: alimhnaqvi@yahoo.com.

  • Development:

  • Sultana Nahar and Anil Pradhan reached India in February, 2016. Many meetings were held on the conference
    - Meeting with PVC Brigediar Ali
    , Feb 20, 2016 - Meeting at Nanotechnolgy Center at AMU, Feb 2016

  • Proposal for financial support has been to various agencies in India. The whole situation will be clear in January, 2016
  • Official approval of the conference at the PVC office of AMU, July 2015
  • April 2015: International STEM Education and Research conference jointly with International Nanotechnology conference Aligarh NANO-V, Alilgarh, being planned for February 2016


    L: VC Shah addreesing the symposium, M: PVE Ali' speech, R: Dr. Craig Dicker, counseler of Delhi American Center and Chief Guest

  • The STEM ER project held its concluding symposium under the Obama-Singh knowledge initiative award on April 1, 2017 in the press conference room of AMU

  • Tentative Agenda
  • The symposium included summary of achievements, future directions, and formalization of the Indo-US Centre for STEM Education and Research
  • Sultana Nahar summarized the outcome of the project of the project
    - Introducing a new dual degree program for M.Ed. degree,
    - Trained 8 AMU postgraduate students, 4 males and 4 females,
    - The 8 fellows under the program are expected to serve AMU as faculty members
    - Held one international STEM ER conference,
    - Co-organized 2 international nanotechnology conferences,
    - Conducted research based courses and computational workshops at AMU for larger community participation.
  • Dr. Anil Pradhan presented the formulation of the Indo-US Centre for STEM ER that can facilitate the funding from public and private sectors.
  • Dr. Craig Dicker of US Embassy in Delhi made remarks on the excellence, importance and continuation of the program. AMU administration.

  • AMU issued the ordinance of establishedment of the center on April 18, 2017. The OSU component is under process


    STEM Program Presentations: Conferences and Meetings

    L: Meeting Astronaut and US senator John Glenn and his wife at their OSU office, May 6, 2015,,R: Indian Advisory Committee at OSU with Mullay, Indian Consul in New York, May 15, 2015

  • Conferences and Meetings organized at OSU:

  • Indo-US (formerly Obama-Singh) STEM Education and Research Faculty Training project poster, OSU Outreach program, March 2017

  • Meeting at Dean Cheryl Achterberg's office of the Department of Education and Learning on e-courses, degrees, and funding prospects for continuation of the STEM ER project: Anil Pradhan, Karen Irving, - Karen, Chery, Sultana, Jeff, OSU, Feb 22, 2017

  • Presentations by Anil Pradhan and Sultana Nahar in front of Indian Deputy High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu of Washington DC, OSU officials, and representatives of Indian Federation of Associations, August 17, 2016
    - Discussions followed by presentationss: - Taranjit Singh Sandhu, - David Weinberg - participants - Group picture - lunch Facult Club - Department of Education

  • Obama-Singh project poster, OSU Outreach program, 2016
    - Picture of the fellows, Flyer (1st page, center of the bottom row, also presentation title, number 13 under STEM) for the Forum of OSU Outreach and Engagement program, May 2016
    - Picutre with President Drake, flyer (in p.3) distributed at Patterson lecture, May 2016

  • "Research under the MEd-STEM degree program of OSU-AMU partnership of USIEF", Sultana N. Nahar, as a part of the combined presentation with Anil Pradhan and Karen Irving, Inauguration Session, International Conference on Aligarh Nano V and STEM Education and Research, Aligarh Muslim University, March 12-15, 2016

  • Irving, K. E., Pradhan, A., & Nahar, S. (2015, October).  Preparing STEM faculty for Indian Universities:  OSU and AMU collaboration Year 2.  Poster presented at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting of the Association for Science Teacher Education,  Salt Fork, Ohio, October 2014

  • "OBAMA-SINGH 21st CENTURY KNOWLEDGE INITIATIVE AWARD (USIEF, 2013-2016): "THE STEM-FACULTY PROJECT: Training the Next Generation of STEM Faculty at Higher Educational Institutions in India"", S.N. Nahar, Global Gateway presentations, September 30, 2015

  • MED-STEM project was presented at the meeting with Indian Consul General M. Mulay in New York, - Neeing: Chandan Sen presents,, - Anil's presentation, - Sultana's presentation, - Indian Advisory Committee with Indian flag, May 15, 2015

  • Outreach and Engagement Forum at OSU: "Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative Project: STEM Faculty Training in India", Poster Presentation Number 102, May 6, 2015

  • Presentation at ASTE 2014 International conference "Preparing STEM Faculty for Indian Universities: USA & India Collaboration Year 1", Karen E. Irving (presenter), Anil Pradhan, Sultana Nahar, Portland, Oregon, September, 2014

  • Presentation: "Training STEM Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in Odisha - Leveraging Obama0Singh Grant", by A.K. Pradhan (part 1), by S.N. Nahar (part 2), Recognition of "Distinguished Guest Plaque" to Sultana, A.k. Pradhan, to Odisha Minister, Invited speakers, several committee members, 45th convention of Odisha Society of Americas, Columbus, July 3, 2014
    Event: picture with the Odisha minister

  • Outreach and Engagement Forum at OSU: "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Award Project: STEM Education and Research Faculty Training in India", Poster Presentation Number 54, May 1, 2014, picture

  • STEM ER presentations in Saudi Arabia:
    - Sultana presents on Obama-Singh STEM program at Taibah University, Event Program in Arabic, Madina, Saudi Arabia, April 1, 2014
    - Meets Education Minister Dr. Khalid Al Ankary, who appreciated the program and mentioned to keep it under discussion, at IECHE conference, Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, April 17, 2014 (picture shows President of King Abdul Aziz University present at the meeting)

  • Anil Pradhan and Sultana Nahar attended (Stage, - Audience) and presented STEM ER project at the Aligarh Alumni Association Convention, Aligarh Muslim University, Feb 26-March 1, 2914

  • OSU team met representatives of 9 educational institutions on January 28, 2014, organized by Professor Abul H Siddiqui (AMU-DUTY and ISIAN), - Pictures Representatives 1, Representatives 2, Representatives 3, Noor Zahra of Sharda University was one most helpful person in the arrangement)

  • Brustein: AMU and India visit speech, Anil: Obama-Singh Project, and other speeches, India Gateway and South Asian Studies Reception, OSU Barrister Club, Nov 20, 2013

  • Public presentation of the program at the meeting organized by AMU-DUTY society and Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics,
    - Obama-Singh accord and beyond (Guest of honor), to representatives of educational institutions, such as, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Sharda University, Guru Nanak Dev University, Vidya College Of Engineering and Technology, Gautam Budha University etc, and member of Indian University Grant Commission. India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, organized by AMU-DUTY Society and Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathmatics (ISIAM), Sep 20, 2013
    program, September 20, 2013

  • Project presentation at the OSU meeting with Indian Cosulate General, Dyneshwar Mulay, of New York, August 23, 2013
    - Agenda - Brief Speech (Nahar) - Picture

  • Meetings through visits:

  • In addition to formal presentation of the new STEM Education and Research project, Anil Pradhan, Sultana Nahar met representatives of various institutions and universities in India to present STEM ER program at OSU.
    - The program was appreciated by everyone
    - Cost involving tuition was an issue
    - More interest was toward the STEM research collaboration

  • Met Vice Chancellor Professor Khurshid Andrabi (next to Sultana) of University of Kashmir to discuss the program and Indo-US consortium, March 24, 2016

  • Project presented to Vice Chancellors Professor Mehraj Uddin Mir (on Sultana's right) of Central Kashmir University and Professor Ashok Aima (on Anil's left) of Central University of Jammu, Jammu, India, March 28, 2016 (interested in research collaboration)

  • Project presented to Vice Chancellor Professor Jain (black suit), Sri Mata Vaishnu Devi University, Jammu, March 28, 2016
    - VC interested in research collaboration
    - presennted public lecture to university audience "THE UNIVERSE THROUGH HOT ATOMS"
    (with faculty and students after lecture, - With host faculty members Samantha and Sunil, Sri Mata Vaishnu Devi shrine on the mountain in the background)

  • Met VC (left to Sultana), Sharda University, Greater Noida (suburb of Delhi), March 18, 2016
    - Dinner with Past VC Prof. Abul Hasan Siddiqi and Engineering faculty Noor-e-Zahra

  • Visited the most advanced research lab, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) for STEM ER discussion and seminar presenations, after presentations by Pradhan, Nahar, walk along with Dr. Lokesh Tribedi and Dr. E. Krishnakumar by Arabian Gluf where the water stretches up to Antarctica, Feb 4, 2014

  • Visited the head and research team at Central Institute of Fisheries Education of Indian govement, Mumbai, February 2014

  • Visited private Thakur's College of Engineering with large population of undergraduate students, and degrees are granted by University of Mumbai, With Principal of the College, Mumbai, February 2014

  • Visited to promote STEM ER program at the well-known Indian Institute of Astrophysics (invitation letter) in Banglore, - seminar presentation, - audience, - reception with about 50 scienctists, Banglore, India, February 2014

  • Visited to promote STEM ER program at popular private Jain University (research and education), with large population of undergraduate students. presented seminars. Introduction by Professor Pranawa Deshmukh before seminar, Jain University program, Banglore, Inida, Jan 29-31, 2014

  • Visited to promote STEM ER program at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology which was hosted by the principal Professor Pankaj Jalote and Professor Vinayak Naik, an OSU alumnus, Delhi, India, January 28, 2014

  • OSU team met alumni in Delhi which was hosted by OSU Alumni Dr Vinayak (rightmost), Vice President of NTT Data, Delhi, Jan 27, 2014

  • Meeting about the STEM ER Project with Dr. Madhav Chavan of Pratham, India, on Oct 7, 2013


    L: Computational workshop, AMU, R: Participating in Biochemistry conference at AMU, 2016

  • Conferences

  • Professors Altaf Wani, Qien Wang, Karen Irving, Sultana Nahar participated in the international conference on Emerging Trends in Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry Department, Aligarh Muslim University, March 6-9, 2016
  • - Karen Irving was a keynote speaker, and Altaf Wani, Qien Wang, Sultana Nahar were invited speakers
    - Asim Rizvi and Nida Rehmani made contributed presentations
    - OSU team at evening musical, - OSU presence at the conference

  • Obama-Singh project co-Sponsors Aligarh Nano-4 International conference, - "poster", International conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Aligarh, India, March 8-10, 2014
    - Participants: USA, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Russia, Yemen
    - Meeting with Prof. Naqvi, Prof. Wasi at Nanomaterials Center of Excellence
    - OSU booth on STEM ER,
    - Summary Report of the conference
    - "Aligarh Nano - IV International Conference 2014 "
    - conference details
    - Prof Alim Naqvi after end of program

  • Teaching at AMU and Delhi Universities:

  • Under the Obama-Singh STEM project, Sultana Nahar delivered a "Atomic Spectroscopy of Collisional and Radiative Processes in Astrophysical Plasmas" with computational workshops on R-matrix codes and SUPERSTRUCTURE at Aligarh Muslim University during February 20-March 11, 2016
  • VC Zameer Uddin Shah released of the course certificates on Science Day celebration
  • Participants with certificates

  • Under the Obama-Singh STEM project, Professor S.N. Nahar & Professor A.K. Pradhan jointly taught the the condensed course "Atomic and Molecular Radiation Physics: Astronomy to Biomedicine" at AMU during February 10 - March 11, 2014
    - Inauguration of the course at AMU, with Professor Abul Hasan Siddiqui of AMU-DUTY and ISIAN, well know spectroscopic Professor M.S.Z. Chaghtai, Physics Chair Professor Rahimullah Khan, - Pictures: lecture, - program workshop - Physics Dept served Tea after each lecture day

  • Under the objectives of Obama-Singh STEM ER project, Professor A.K. Pradhan & Professor S.N. Nahar taught the same condensed course on Radiation physics at University of Delhi during Feb - March 2014.
    - More information of the course

  • Nahar prizes and course certificate ceremony at AMU, March 11, 2014
    - Stage, - Banner is ready, - Speech by VC Zameeruddin Shah, - Speech by Pradhan, - Speech by Nahar
    , VC Zameer Uddin Shah handing over the certificates for the participants, - Certificate
    - Professor Lotfia El Nadi receives Indiam Emblem tropy for lifetime scientific contributions
    - Professor Anil Pradhan receives Indian emblem trophy for scientific and STEM ER contributions
    - Sultana Nahar receives Indian emblem trophy for scientific and STEM ER contributions


  • SPAN Magazine (US Department of State): "Training Future Teachers", January/February 2018

  • OSU News: "Indo-U.S. Centre of Excellence in STEM-ER is Established", Office of International Affairs, April 28, 2017

  • "AMU establishes Centre of STEM-ER in consonance with Ohio State University", AMU News, April 24, 2017

  • AMU establishes Centre of Excellence in STEM-ER, ALIGARH, The Aligarh Muslim University, India, April 15, 2017

  • OSU Arts and Sciences news, 2017: "Indo-US STEM Initiative Celebrates Success, Announces New Center" (p.2)

  • News in OSU Arts and Science Updates: "Ohio State STEM Education/Faculty Training Partnership with India Continues", Last News in "News and Research" section, September 8, 2016

  • APS FIP newsletter article: "OSU Stem Faculty Training Project Achieves Milestone" Sultana Nahar, Fall 2016, p.21-22
    Entire newsletter with highlighted pictures on p.31 (in pdf)

  • OSU OIA News: "Ohio State hosts first international conference on STEM education and research", September 2016

  • OSU India Gateway News: "Ohio State hosts first international conference on STEM education and research", September 2016

  • OSU Engagement Event flyer, 2016: "front page highlights

  • NVO news: Four-day Int. Conference ‘Aligarh Nano-V and STEM CON-16’ conducted, Mar 16, 2016

  • AMU News: Nanotechnplogy and STEM education and reseaerch conference summary, March 16, 2016

  • AmarUjala News: News of the conference and prizes (sponsored by Sultana Nahar) at NANO V & STEM ER conference, AMU, March 16,2016

  • VPL News: "AMU International conferences on Nanomaterials and STEM Education and Research", March 16, 2016

  • Jagran news: "Nanotechnology Department will be founded at AMU", Valedictory session of the conference with statements of VC, Pradhan, Nahar and others, March 16, 2016

  • The Statesman: "''Nanotechnology to play key role in health, environment issues'', March 13, 2016

  • Jagran news on the conference" "New India is rising: Professor William Brustein", statements of Brustein, Pradhan, Nahar and others, March 13, 2016

  • Jagran news on the conference" Interviwing Anil Pradhan, March 13, 2016

  • Avadhnama news: Nano V and STEM ER conference news, March 13, 2016

  • Inqelub news: Nano V and STEM ER conference news, March 13, 2016

  • AmarUjala news:Conference news with statments from Brustein, Pradhan, etc, March 13, 2016

  • Inqelub news:STEM ER and nanotechnology conference starts at AMU, India, March 12, 2016

  • AmarUjala news:STEM ER and nanotechnology conference starts at AMU, India, March 12, 2016

  • Jagran news: "Conference at AMU starts today, 30 foreign delegates will participate", March 12, 2016

  • News of Aligarh Nano V and STEM Education and Research conference:
    - AMU news: AMU NEWS, March 12, 2016

  • AMU news: Press release of the nanotechnology and STEM Education and Research conference. March 11, 2016

  • AMU Network: "Dept of Applied Physics to organize ‘International Conference on Nanotechnology and STEM-ER’", March 11, 2016

  • Jagran News: "AMU needs to advance in research" in respect to STEM ER, Feb 27, 2016

  • AMU news: international Biomedical science conference at AMU, (OSU presentations: Karen Irving - a keynote speech, Altaf Wani - invited planeray, Qien Wang and Sultana Nahar - invited lectures, Asim Rizvi, Nida Rehmani as contributed talks), March 6, 2016

  • AMU ranks 4th position in The India Today Group ' Nielsen Survey of India's best Universities, July 2015

  • AMU Press release on the joint international conferences on Nanotechnology Aligarh Nano-V and STEM ER, July, 2015

  • "International Conference on Nanotechnology and STEM-ER", AMUNetwork, July 6, 2015

  • "AMU Student wins equestrian prize in USA", Asim's winning news at Muslimissues.com, April 15, 2015

  • Obama-Singh report "India Connection 2" at website of International Forum of Physics (FIP) of APS

  • News of STEM ER Fellows starting at OSU: "US-India STEM Faculty Training Project Kicks-off Autumn Semeste", under "News and Research" of Arts and Sciences News and Updates, August 27 Issue, 2014

  • News on project activities in India in "Astronomy Researchers Promote Obama-Singh Project in India", News and Researcg section, News and Updates of Arts and Sciences at OSU, June 4, 2014

  • Activities news in APS FIP news article: "India Connection", Sultana Nahar, Spring 2014

  • TwoCircles News: Four AMU students selected for Obama-Singh Knowledge Institute, March 26, 2014

  • Obama-Singh project paricipate and co-sponsors the international conference Aligarh Nano IV International, March 2014

  • OIA India Gateway news: "Ohio State receives Obama-Singh award ", December 2013

  • NVO News on MOA: "AMU signs another MoA with Ohio State University", November 11, 2013

  • Muslim Mirror news on MOA: "AMU signs agreement with Ohio varsity", November 11, 2013

  • News on the event of Obama-Singh accord presentations by Anil Pradhan, Sultana N. Nahar and educators of Indian universities at DUTY Society Website: Function 20th Sept 2013

  • AMU Front Page Highlight for the OSU-AMU STEM ER Center initiative, Oct-Nov, 2013

  • OSU team visit to AMU during September 15-18, 2013 to initiate the Center of Excellence for STEM Education and Research was published in many Indian news media: Some links are:
    - Indian Muslim Observer news: "U.S. group of experts to visit AMU during September 15-18"
    - India Education Diary news: "Ohio State University delegation to visit the Aligarh Muslim University"
    - NRI Press news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Muslim Mirror news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - My Results Plus news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Mathrubhumi Education news: US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - India Forums News: US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Zee news: US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Business Standard news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Rabita Islamic News Agency: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Newz First: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - New Kerala news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Sify news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - News Track India: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - NVO news: "US group of experts to visit AMU during September 15-18"
    - News4Education: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - India Vision news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Aligarh Khabar: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - City of Mine news: "S varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - En Maktoob news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"

  • Forum of International Physics News: "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Award for the Ohio State University ˗ Aligarh Muslim University Partnership", September 2013

  • News in American Bazzar: "Ohio State University partners with AMU for STEM training", August 12, 2013

    News: Press release of the award at

  • OSU Office of International Affairs: "OHIO STATE AWARDED OBAMA-SINGH GRANT", June 2013

  • Aligarh Muslim University: Research Highlights (on the right of the front page). June 2013

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  • OSUToday Headline news: "Ohio State awarded Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Grant", June 27, 2013

  • Arab News: "India’s AMU signs MoU with Ohio University", June 2013

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