• APS-FIP webpage FIP Executive Committee memners, 2012

  • Sultana N. Nahar. An elected member of FIP Executive Committee, 2012-2014

  • Nomination: FIP Candiate page of Sultana Nahar, 2011




  • As a FIP EC member, my main objective was to bring physicists from the Third World countries, particularly Asia and Arab, to the scientific network of the APS at low or free membership fee. Asian (except Japan) and Arab countries have very poor representation in APS. Physicists from many of these countries were not aware of existence of APS. I introduced APS with its wide scientific scopes. But to receive the benefits of APS, all physicists have to be members.
    My proposal, presented at the FIP EC meetings in 2012 and 2013, explained the need to bring these physicists either through free matching membership or through a proposed discount APS-United Network (APS-UN) membership. I came to know about the free FUND membership, hidden and with strict limitation. My proposal finally succeeded when Amy Flatten of APS made the statement "Sultana, go ahead and bring your people" and approved to open up the free membership.

  • Countries of APS membership:

    I have been able to bring Physicists from 30 countries (see list of physicists) who received information on APS membership and became members. Currently I have a newwork of these physicists from countris:

    - Algeria (1), Bahrain (2), Bangladesh (3), Egypt (4), Ethiopia (5), Ghana (6), India (7), Iran (8), Iraq (9), Jordan (10), Madagascar (11), Malaysia (12), Morocco (13), Nepal (14), Nigeria (16), Oman (17), Pakistan (18), Palestine (19), Rwanda (20), Russia (21), Saudi Arabia (22), Senegal (23), Sudan (24), Syria (25), Tunisia (26), Turkey (27), Ukraine (28), United Arab Emirates (29), Yemen (30)

  • U.S. Indonesia Teacher Education Corsortium (USINTEC) at OSU created the website "Scientists and physicists from Indonesia" to contact Sultana Nahar

  • Serve APS:

    - APS Fellowship Committee of unit FIP, 2012-2014
    - Selection committee: John Wheatley Award, of APS, 2015

    Slides-1 Slides-2

    FIP MEETINGS 2012 - 2014:

    The annual meetings I participated as an EC member:


  • FIP EC meeting Agenda on March 31, 2012, sessions held during APS April meeting 2012, March 31-April 3, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Motion on Sultana's presentation on APS membership for the Thirld World and Arab Countires (item 12 in the Agenda) was approved by FIP EC giving the scope to submit a formal proposal
  • Meeting Pictures


  • FIP EC meeting Agenda on March 16, 2013, sessions held during APS March meeting 2013, March 17-22, Baltimore, Maryland
  • There is a high possibility of having free APS membership for the Thirld World and Arab Countries. Presented Proposal (item 12 in the Agenda)
  • Meeting Summary, 2013
  • Sultana's Updated proposal
  • Meeting Pictures


  • FIP EC meeting report, April 2014
    - Sultana's report


  • APS EducationUSA session on "American Physical Society, about APS and its programs, free membership, jobs. recognition etc, in 2021
    - Link to the session "American Physical Society"

  • Anyone related to physics, including those in Engineering, medicine, Chemistry etc can be a member of APS

  • Be a free member of APS (for physicists in developing countries): You can download the Application 2024 form. It is also given here and click at "Fund" to get the form.

  • Each applicant will be required to submit a CV, filled out form and write a personal statement in the form describing why subsidized membership should be approved.

  • Email your application, with "APS Membership appliction" on the subject line, to

    APS Membership application: membership@aps.org

    The following addresses may have been replaced by the above address

    Jennifer Ruberto at: ruberto@aps.org
    Jennifer Pirnat at: pirnat@aps.org

  • The term of participation in the FUND category of the Matching Membership Program is four (4) years, during which you will not be billed any membership dues. All FUND category participants will receive APS News and Physics Today as part of their membership. While no journal publications (e.g., the Physical Review series) are included in the FUND category of the Matching Membership Program, some participants may be eligible to access APS journals for free via other programs.

  • APS Website info: A free membership is available to individuals on a limited basis.

  • One year free APS membership for any student (US or non-US)

    After becoming an APS member:

  • Create an APS Web Account (click here)

  • Go to page: Join an APS unit, choose your unit (atomic, astro, nuclear etc) by clicking on "APS Unit" button at the top. and then become free member to all that apply to you.

  • To be a free member of Forum of International Physics (click here), at FIP webpage, click on the right, below the "Quick Links", at Join This Unit and on the popped-up new page put your APS member info

  • Get free subscribtion to WIPHYS (Women In Physics): To subscribe to WIPHYS, send a blank message to join-wiphys@lists.apsmsgs.org or use the Web form

  • Post your resume at APS website, as linked in the section below

    Benefits of an APS member:
    - 12 issues of Physics Today per year (hardcopy and online)
    - 11 isues of APS news per year (hardcopy and online)
    - Breaking news alers
    - Sumbit abstract and present research at an APS meeting
    - Apply for travel grant
    - Can provide letter for US visa
    - APS recognizes scientific contributions by many awards and prizes. You can be recognized and nominate others for recognition.

  • Become a Student Ambassador of APS
    - It is for any undergraduate or graduate student around the world
    - It has significant number of benefits
    - It is an honor to be an APS Ambassador


  • International benefits of APS

  • For useful APS international info, such as travel grant, visa etc: Office of International Affairs

  • International Research Travel Award Program, for presentations at conferences, American Physical Society

  • Distinguished Student Seminar Program DS3, for graduate and undergraduate students to travel within US or international to APS conferences

  • Braslau Family Travel Grant provides support for degree-seeking students and early career physicists to attend an APS March or April Meeting. Awards typically range between $500 - $1,000. Application deadline: January 15, 2019. More information is available on the website [aps.us4.list-manage.com].

  • "APS-IUSSTF Physics Ph.D. Student & Post-doc Visitation Program and Professorship Awards", US-India Travel grant, The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) sponsors and APS administers the exchange of physicists, physics Ph.D. students, and postdocs between India and the United States

  • Post your resume at: For jobs advertised at APS

  • Post your resume at: For jobs advertised at Physics Today

  • Check job positions at APS careers Center

  • Check job positions at Physics Today Job listings

  • For any physis related jobs (biophysics, nuclear physics, nanophysics, engineering etc), check Physics Today Jobs and Here

  • Get free APS journal access (for physicists in developing countries): Get Information on the access

  • Receive grant for holding "Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics" at your instution

  • Middle East Center for Research Tranings and Experiments: SESME (located in Jordan):
    - An international center for research and advanced technology under the auspices of UNESCO
    - For scientific trainings in developed countries and fellowships, check in SESME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East)

  • A good Resource of information on studying in the US

  • NEWS:
    (relevant to Nahar)

  • "Sultana Nahar has contributed a trip report on her re-cent visit to Bangladesh. I learn a great deal from her articles about physics research and teaching in parts of the world quite unknown to me.", Ernie Malamud, Editor, FIP Newletter, Fall 2015, p.7

  • FIP web news: Sultana Nahar, FIP Executive Committee Member Winner of the John Wheatley Award, March 2013

  • FIP news: "Sultana Nahar, FIP Executive Committee Member, Winner of the John Wheatley Award", p. 11, Spring 2013

    -Full FIP Spring Newsletter, 2013

    - APSNEWS March 2013,Vol 22, No3 (p.4)

    - FIP circulation, March 8, 2013,

    - FIP Circulation for the Award Talk, March 18, 2013

  • FIP APS newsletter: "Newly Elected to the FIP Executive Committee", p.7-8, Spring 2012
    - FIP-APS web news: "Newly Elected to the FIP Executive Committee", Feb, 2012

  • FIP-APS web profile Sultana N. Nahar The Ohio State University Candidate for Member-at-Large", 2012


    Nahar's report in FIP/ APS newsletters:

    20. APS Nov 2023 Newsletter (Vol 32, No. 10, p.5): "University in India Celebrates a Second Successful Round of REUs",Sultana N Nahar (original submission was edited by APS editor)

    19. APS article on the global teaching: " International Teaching Can Transform Physics", S.N. Nahar, APS Newsletter Vol 31, No. 6, page 1 (Top right) (June 2022) - APS web link to " International Teaching Can Transform Physics"

    18. "The first US-Bangladesh conference", p.3,7, July/August APS News, Vol 30, No. 7, p.3 (2021)
    Online: "The first US-Bangladesh conference was held in 2021", July/August APS News, Vol 30, No. 7, p.3 (2021)

    17. APS News article, Oct 2019: "The 40th International School for Young Astronomers in Egypt", Sultana N Nahar, APS Newsletter Vol 28, No. 9, p.3 (2019)
    - Article on APS News Highlights page
    - Full APS newsletter

    16. APS web News article, Feb 12, 2019: "Impact of Women in STEM Roadshow in India:", APS Newsletter Vol 28, No. 2, p.3,6 (2019)
    - Full Feb 2019 APS newsletter

    15. APS News article "Indo-U.S. STEM Education and Research Center in India", Sultana Nahar, January 2018 (Volume 27, Number 1, p.2 )
    - On the News Highlights of the APS news
    - Full APS Newsletrer January 2018

    14. APS Gazetter article "Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics the 5th Assembly (ACAG-5)", Sultana N. Nahar, APS Gazette, Fall 2017
    - pdf-file of the article

    13. APS News article "Science Research in Gaza in Palestine", Sultana Nahar, August/September 2017 (Volume 26, Number 8, p.5)
    - A Highlighted feature at the home page.

    12. CSWP Gazette of APS: "Egypt's Loyalty to Science (p.6-8), Fall 2016
    - APS web: Gazette Fall 2016

    11. APS FIP newsletter article: "OSU Stem Faculty Training Project Achieves Milestone" Sultana Nahar, Fall 2016, p.21-22
    - The newsletter highlights AMU "Universities, one in Asia, one in Africa", p. 31
    - Contents of the newsletter

    10. APS FIP newsletter article: "Improvement in Education and Research Through Recognition, a Report from Bangladesh", Sultana Nahar, Fall 2015, p.25-27
    - Contents of the newsletter

    9. APS FIP newsletter article: "Saudi Arabia Connection", Sultana Nahar, p.28-31, Spring 2015
    - Contents of the newsletter

    8. APS FIP newsletter article: "India Connection 2" Obama-singh STEM project report, Sultana Nahar, p.18-22, Fall 2014
    - Contents of the newsletter

    7. APS FIP newsletter article: "India Connection", Sultana Nahar, p.14-17, Spring 2014
    - Contents of the newsletter

    6. APS FIP Newsletter annoucement: "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Award for the Ohio State University ˗ Aligarh Muslim University Partnership", p.9-10, Fall 2013
    - Contents of the newsletter

    5. APS FIP newsletter article: "Egypt Connection 2", Sultana Nahar, p.16-20, Fall 2013
    - Contents of the newsletter

    4. APS CSWP-Gazette article: "International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS)", Sultana N. Nahar, p.8-9, Fall 2013

    3. APS FIP newsletter article: "Recent Visit to Bangladesh Universities and Physics Prizes", Sultana Nahar, Spring, p.26-28, 2013
    - Contents of the newsletter

    2. APS FIP newsletter article: "Egypt Connection", in full newsletter, Sultana Nahar, p.11-13, Fall 2012
    - Contents of the newsletter

    1. APS FIP newsletter article: "Highlights of a trip to the UAE and India", Sultana Nahar, p.25-26, Spring 2012
    - Contents of the newsletter

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