Kristen Sellgren

Emerita Professor, Astronomy Department, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Ohio State University

e-mail: sellgren DOT 1 AT osu DOT edu

anonymous ftp: pub/sellgren on

Astronomy Department, Ohio State University, 140 West 18th Av., Columbus, OH 43210

office phone: 614 - 436 - 6253
fax phone: 614 - 292 - 2928

Welcome to my personal homepage! My research interests are in infrared astronomy, interstellar dust, interstellar molecules, the Galactic Center, and star formation.

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Image of me at 2.2 microns

What I've being doing in retirement

Cool cat stuff:

Evenstar Merry and Pippin The best cat in the universe Cat Hall of Fame

Other cool stuff:

My favorite band My second favorite band :)

The year of weird hair She even writes songs


My domestic partner, David Ennis

Pictures of my nephew, Christopher Muir Sellgren, born May 10, 2001 (updated August 1, 2008)

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