Among other things, I'm a rock musician. I play electric and acoustic guitar; sing; play electric bass guitar; and write songs. My influences: Nirvana, Scrawl, Beatles, Liz Phair, Green Day, Hole, Ramones, Juliana Hatfield, REM, Breeders, Pearl Jam, Indigo Girls, Richard Thompson, X.

My musical resume:

Kris & Dmitry (Feb 1998 - Feb 1999): Beatles cover band, played electric guitar and harmonized on vocals.

Gigs: Played at private party (Feb 1999).

Astronomy Band (Sep 1998 - Sep 1999): alternative rock cover band, played electric guitar, lead vocals on about half the songs, occasionally filled in on electric bass. Did not play out.

Butterfly Effect (Apr - Oct 2000): alternative rock band, mix of covers and originals, played electric bass guitar. Did not play out.

Kris Sellgren (1996 - present): solo artist, electric guitar, vocals, songwriter.

Gigs: one of several performers at Ruta Maya Coffee House in Austin, Texas (Feb 2000); played in between sets of main band at Victorians' Midnight Cafe in Columbus, Ohio (June 2000, Oct 2000); sole performer, Pat Romano's wedding reception in Columbus, Ohio (Sep 2000); played in between sets of main band at Little Brother's in Columbus, Ohio (July 2001); one of three scheduled performers at Midgard Comics (Sep 2001 (twice), Oct 2001, Nov 2001); sole performer, Ohio State University hospital, March 2002.

Open mikes: BB Rover's, Gino's Italian Grill, Mo's and Gaby's, Steak and Ale, Texas Bar and Grill, Tropical Heat, and Watertank, in Austin, Texas (Feb-Mar 2000); Andyman's Treehouse, Comfest 2001, Dolphin Lounge, Mickey's Oldtimer's, Ruby Tuesday, Thirsty Ear, Victorians' Midnight Cafe, in Columbus, Ohio (Nov 1999 - present).

Original Songs by Kris Sellgren: Lyrics

Ala Moana (c. Kris Sellgren 2001)

Android Blues (c. Kris Sellgren 1995)

California Lost (c. Kris Sellgren 1998)

Cats Dance (c. Kris Sellgren 2002)

Dandelions (c. Kris Sellgren 1998)

I'm in Love (c. Kris Sellgren 1997)

I'm Lost (c. Kris Sellgren 2002)

Kick It (c. Kris Sellgren 2004)

PMS (c. Kris Sellgren 2000)

Road Song (c. Kris Sellgren 1996)

Sabbatical (c. Kris Sellgren 1997)

Tuesday (c. Kris Sellgren 2001)

You Give Me a Headache (c. Kris Sellgren 1997)

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