• Our Motto: "Stay in Science (Basic or Applied)"
  • Our Practice: "Regardless of other commitments, of the 24 hours of the day, we save a few hours for ourselves for our scientific work"
  • Our belief: "The more we use our brain and mind, the more beautiful we look."

    Founder and President: Dr. Sultana N. Nahar
    - Established: April, 2010
    - Ohio Registration

  • ISMWS has Chapters:
  • Chapter at OSU: "ISMWS at Ohio State", - Founded: 2017
  • Chapter at East Carolina University, USA
  • Chapter: Cairo, Egypt, members are from various universities (inaugurated with National Research Centre and Ain Shams University)
  • Chapters at: Aligarh Muslim University, Kashmir with members from various universities, India
  • Chapters at: Karachi University, NED University of Science and Technologies, Pakistan
  • Chapter at Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

  • Due to interest of Muslim women in other areas, there is plan for opening the International Society of Muslim Women in AHCLSS (Arts and Humanities, Commerce, law, Social Sciences)



  • Support, encourage, and help, strengthen the confidence of Muslim women in Science education and profession
    - Many of us move away from profession to contribute time to other needs
    - Yet, many of us are successfully contributiong to advances in science


  • Speech: Ethics of ISMWS - What We Are and Why We Need the Society, at initiation of ISMWS, April 2010

  • APS article published in APS Gazette: "International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS)" (see p.8-9), Sultana N. Nahar, Fall 2013

  • Magazine for women in STEM: AN-NISA 2022, article "International Society of Muslim Women in Sciecne", S.N. Nahar, p.9, 2022 (published by the Indo-US STEM Education and Research Center of OSU and AMU, and International Society of Muslim Women in Sciecne, March 2022) gives detailed information on ISMWS

  • 1) Women scientists in front of Ibn Sina Hall after certificate ceremony of Sultana's course, Cairo Univ 2013, 2) ISMWS members climbed up on Bab Zewela minerat at Al Azhar, Cairo, Egypt 2013: 3) International Women's Day - ISMWS at Aligarh Muslim University, India 2014, 4) Sultana presents ISMWS at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, 2014

  • Interesting facts about Muslim education in Guinness book of record



    L: March 2016: The student (white dress, left of Sultana) from Ladakh at Goverment Degree College for Women on Moalana Azad Raod in Kashmir was very much inspired by Sultana's speech on ISMWS and expressed herself by reciting the Quran emotionally, M1: 2016: Prof Medhar Ibrahim (in the middle), Director of Spectroscopy Department of National Research Council in Cairo, Egypt who encouraged female student researchers to attend Sultana's scientific seminar and meet her. M2: October 2016: ISMWS members at Arab Conference of Astronomy and Geophysics, 5th Assembly (Sultana was a Guest of Honor, first female one, with two other Sheikhs of UAE)

    The membership is free. To be a member please send the following information

    Degree (already achieved or working on):
    Research/Professional Area:
    Present Institution/Lab/Company:
    Address (perferably institutional):
    Country (Nationality): , Country (Residence):
    Tel(optional): , Fax(optional): , URL(optional):
    Email (required):

    to Sultana N Nahar: nahar.1@osu.edu

    NOTE: Postal address of each member will be kept private unless consented to be public.


    ISMWS Contact info:

    Dr. Sultana N. Nahar (Founder and President)
    Department of Astronomy, The Ohio State University
    140 West 18th Avenue, McPherson Laboratory
    Columbus, OH 43210, USA
    Tel: 1-614-292-1888, Fax: 1-614-292-2928
    Email: nahar.1@osu.edu
    WWW: http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~nahar


    - ISMWS members: 2016: i) stars of Mathematics at Aligarh Muslim University, India: (from L to R) Prof. Asma Ali (Best Researcher 2016), Ms. Umme Zinab (Gold medalist), Sultana (Physics), Prof. Nusrat Raza,, Prof. Subuhi Khan (Best Researcher 2016), 2013: ii) Researchers of Cairo University at Al Kalamun palace, 2012: iii) ISMWS session with Physicists at Wayne State University

    Number of members: 416

    Number of countries: 32 (+4)

    Members from Countries:

    1. USA, 2. Afghanistan, 3. Australia, 4. Algeria, 5. Bangladesh, 6. Canada, 7. Egypt, 8. England, 9. Ghana, 10. India, 11. Indonesia, 12. Iran, 13. Iraq, 14. Jordan, 15. Kenya, 16. Kuwait, 17. Lebanon, 18. Malaysia, 19. Morocco, 20. Nigeria, 21. Oman, 22. Pakistan, 23. Palestine, 24. Russia, 25. Saudi Arabia, 26. Somalia, 27. Sri Lanka, 28. Sudan, 29. Syria, 30. Turkey, 31. United Arab Emirates, 32. Yemen
    (Additional Resident countries: 4 - Bahrain, Brunei, Germany, Portugal)

  • List of ISMWS Members


  • Some Highlights of members:
  • There are quite number of illustrius personalities in ISMWS membership in addition to inspiring students and professionals.

  • Recognized Inispirational Models:

  • Prof. Lotfia El Nadi, Selected Inspirational Model of Cairo University, Graduation of Faculty of Science, 2015
  • Four members of ISMWS are recipients of "Woman Physicist of the Month" of APS award:

    1. Dr Ibtesam Saeed Badhrees (Saudi Arabia), 2. Dr Burcin Bayram (USA), 3. Dr Sultana N Nahar (USA), 4. Dr Qudsia Quraishi (USA),

  • ISMWS members in profession

  • Prof.. Hala J. El-Khozondar, Islamic University of Gaza, Member of Palestine Academy for Science and Technology. Palestine

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

    1. Prof. Beenish Saba (Arid Agriculture U, Pakistan), Fulbright Scholar, 2. Dr. Danah Akil (Researcher, American University in Cairo) - Winner, Best Ph.D. thesis prize 2016, Egypt, 3. Dr. Mahvish Ali (Aligarh Muslim University, India), Alburuj R. best Ph.D. thesis, UGC-Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowhsip of India, 4. Dr. Shazia Bashir (Full Prof. Physics, Govt. College University in Lahore, Pakistan) Research impact factor: 100, 5. Prof. Somaya Saad, Deputy Director of Astronomy Dept, NRIAG, Egypt, 6. Dr. Nasreem Haque, President, Intalage Inc., USA 7. Prof. Bushra Ateeq, IIT-Kanpur (India), recipient of Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Medical Sciences (highest honor) and Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India

  • Ph.D. student scholars with fellowships

    1. Moheeta Khan, Junior Research Fellow of UGC, India


    R: 2015: At the invited gathering of Women Center at OSU

  • Current Activities:
    i) Lectures,
    ii) Networking,
    iii) Connecting for scientific collaboration,
    iv) Sharing success news,
    v) Circulate useful scientific news,
    vi) Circulate scholarship opportunities and job openings
    vii) Help with information for higher education in the US,
    viii) Celebrate of International Women's Day,
    ix) Give recognition for excellence
  • 2024:


    ISMWS Organized and hosted Program Scientist of NASA Missions, Dr. Hashima Hasan, of NASA Headquarters along with student organization International Society of Muslim Women in Science at Ohio State for a public lecture session for students and NASA mission objective presentations at Astronomy Department, Januray 17-19, 2024

    i) Public lecture session, ii) Public lecture at Ohio Union, iii) Certificate and OSU pin recognition, iv) student leaders welcome Dr. Hashima with OSU symbolic gifts

  • Newsletter of Astronomy, Feb 2024: Hashima Hasan visit in section "OTHER ACTIVITIES".


  • "International Society of Muslim Women in Science", S.N. Nahar, "ISMWS Session with Dr. Malika Haque" by International Society of Muslim Women in Science at Ohio State, April 6, 2021



  • March 30, 2024: International Women's Day Symposium
  • Organizing Committee: Prof. Sultana N. Nahar (Chair), Prof. Tauheed Almad, Afifa Jamal, Farah Naz, Dr. Samima Khatun, Dr. Tahasin Mondal, Prof. A. Pradhan

    Pictures of the nternational Women's Day (IWD) symposium (more at end)
    - Poster - The program

  • Indo-US STEM Education and Research Center of OSU-AMU and International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS) organized a successful International Women's Day (IWD) symposium on a hybrid platform at Physics Conference room with international participants from eight countries on March 30, 2024.
  • Current devastating status of women in Gaza under Israeli genocide was specially addressed.
  • The program included presentations on experiences, perspectives of women in STEM and current research interest.
  • An art competition was held, and
  • 16 women professionals and students were recognized through nomination.
    Participants joined from
    - Aligarh Muslim University, India
    - Cairo University in Egypt,
    - Central University of Kashmir, India.
    - Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research, Australia,
    - Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine,
    - King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia,
    - King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral, Saudi Arabia
    - New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
    - NIT-Srinagar, India,
    - The Ohio State University, USA
    - Universiti of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia,
    - University of Karachi, Pakistan,
    - University of Kashmir, in India,
  • The program was welcomed by Diretors Prof. Anil Pradhan, Prof. Tauheed Ahmad and myself.
    - The event was presided by Chief Guest Vice Chancellor Prof. Nilofer Khan of Unveristy of Kashmir, Guests of Honor Principal Pro. Saheen of AMU Polytechnique Institute, Prof. Subuhi Khan of AMU Mathematics, Prof. Syed Jabin of AMU Physics, and Principle Ms. Maleka of AMU Girls High School, and myself, OSU Co-Director of Indo-US STEM Education and Research Center of OSU-AMU.
  • There was display of arts on STEM theme by the students: Rameeza Ahsan Khan (Chemistry), Asiya Tariq (Chemistry), Aadfiah Hasan (Biochemistry)

  • Seventeen women recognized through nominations are:
  • - Aalia Hasan, Aligarh Muslim University, India

    - Afifa Jamal, Aligarh Muslim University, India

    - Farah Naz, Aligarh Muslim University

    - Lana Alabbasi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia,

    - Mahbuba Aktary, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,

    - Mehnaj Parween, Aligarh Muslim University,

    - Midhat Shafi, Aligarh Muslim University, India

    - Prof. Nilofer Khan, Vice Chancellor of University of Kashmir, India

    - Prof. Norazian M Adjahan, Universiti of Putra, Malaysia

    - Prof. Ola Hassouneh, University of Jordan, Jordan,

    - Dr. Safa Yousef, Cairo University, Egypt

    - Prof. Shabana Urooj, Princess Norah University, Saudi Arabia

    - Dr. Shadma Fatima, Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research, AUSTRALIA

    - Prof. Sultana N Nahar, The Ohio State University, USA

    - Dr. Zeba Qadri, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

    - Zeenat Khatoon, Aligarh Muslim University, India

    - Art competition winner: Aakifah Hasan

  • OSU Astronomy Monthly newsletter: Symposium news under Awards and Successes, May 1, 2024


  • November 18, 2023: ISMWS Chapter at University of Karachi, along with two other groups, organized the 3rd "Physics Camp for Girls", University of Karach, Karachi, Pakistan, November 18, 2023

    - ISMWS sponsored the prizes (gift, certificate, cash prize) for all participants

    - ISMWS Chapter President Bushra Gul of University of Karachi led the program. She wrote about the event
    - Founder Prof. Sultana N. Nahar delivered a keynote presentation
    - The prizes included gift, certificate, cash prize for all participants,
    art supplies with cash prize, - contents of prizes, - supplies with large cash prizes for 3 winners

  • March 29, 2023: Inauguration of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY (IWD)
  • Ind-US APJAK STEM Education and Research Center and International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS) celebrated IWD 2023 with a symposium on a hybrid platform. It started with Quran telawat followied by lectures and speeches by participants from high schools and undergraduate students of AMU, lecture/speeches by OSU and AMU Directors and Co-Directors, distinguished members of AMU (see program). (see program).

  • Pictures below: Program, selected STEM posters by students, symposium starting with Quran telawat following by presentations by AMU Director Tauheed Ahmed, Co-Direction Prof. F. Arjmand, and others special members of AMU with Prof. Naima as the Chief guest, 3 Guests of Honor..

  • Among the people were recognized are
    - 4 high school students competing perspectives of STEM, 4 undergraduate students for posters, 5 Ph.D. scholars and 5 faculty members (given in the list below)
  • "List of 10 winners, 5 Ph.D. scholars and 5 faculty members, who were recognized for their contributions to science.



  • International Women's Day 2022

  • Poster and program, and welcome to the session, ii) Dr. Hashima Hasan presents JWST, iii) Recognition for Alvia, iii) Release of e-Magazine An-Nisa

    March 26, 2022: Indo-US APJ Abdul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center of OSU and AMU and ISMWS, ISMWS at AMU jointly celebrated 2022 International Women's Day through a mini-conference. The symposium included speakers
    - Dr. Hashima Hasan (Chief Guest) of NASA,
    - Prof. Somaya Saad of National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) in Egypt,
    - Prof. Farukh Arjmand of Chemistry of Aligarh Muslim University, India
    - Prof. Subuhi Khan of Mathematics of Aligarh Muslim University, India
    - Student Alvia Fahreen of Zoology and President of ISMWS chapter at Aligarh Muslim University, India
    - Dr. Usra Zeidi of Augusta University in the USA
    - Prof. Fatma Azmi of Mathematics of Al Azhar University in Egypt,
    - Prof. Sultana N. Nahar of Astronomy of the Ohio State University, USA
    and Introduction of attendances, each for a few minutes.

    ISMWS recognized the following outstanding women at the mini-conference celebrating the International Women's Day 2022 jointly with Indo-US APJ Abdul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center of OSU and AMU:

    - Dr. Hashima Hasan, NASA, Deputy Program Scientist of JWST telescope, Headquarter, Washington DC, USA

    - Prof. Somaya Saa, Director, Kottamia Observatory, NRIAG, Helwan, Egypt

    - Dr. Farukh Arjman, Chemisty, AMU, AMU Co-director: Indo-US STEM Education and Research Center of OSU and AMU, India

    - Dr. Bushra Ateeq, Biotechnology, IIT-Kanpur, India

    - Dr. Hala, Atomic Physics and Quantum Information Lab, NIST, USA

    - Prof. Khadije Y. Bazzi, Electric Car batteries, General Motors and Central Michiagn University, USA

    - Prof. Jahanara Monim, Osmania Degree College, Kurnool, India

    - Dr. Yusra Zaidi, Georgia Augusta University, Georgia, USA

    - Sultana N. Nahar, Astronomy, The Ohio State University, ,USA

  • Special recognition:

    - Alvia Fahreen, Zoology (undergrad), Aligarh Muslim University, India
    ISMWS awarded her prize honorarium $200 for her merit, organizing group that distributed food to poor families during COVIC-19 wave, and toward her higher study for Ph.D. degree

  • The event included release of the e-magazine An-Nisa 2022

  • AMU News, April 21. 2022: "Virtual conference on women in STEM"


    Blackhole Blackhole

  • "International Society of Muslim Womenin Science", S.N. Nahar, International Women's Day Celebration jointly by the Indo-US APJak STEM Education and Research Center of OSU-AMU and International Society of Muslim Women in Science, March 20, 2021 (vitual zoom platform supported by OSU)


    Blackhole Blackhole
    2020: i) nahar's seminar on ISMWS in Astronomy Department, ii) interview by two undergraduate students arrangedd by Charles Derr for their project on ISMWS, iii) Poster of the international webinar on Women in STEM Eduation and Career in Bangladesh, iv) Session on Muslim Women in Scince and Technology

  • Presented a keynote speech on ISMWS and STEM education and Research, "Why we should choose STEM fields and higher education", at the International Webinar on "Women in STEM Education and Career in Bangladesh", organized by Organization of Women in STEM in Developing countries National Chapter in Bangladesh (OWSDNCBD) and University of Barisal, September 27, 2020

  • ISMWS was a part of the presentation "Astronomy and Beyond", presentation by S.N. Nahar as a Guest speaker of the webinar series of Muslim Women in Science and Technolgy of Khwarizmi Science Socity of Pakistan. August 2 August 23, 2020

  • ISMWS was part of the "Featured Physicist Activity Sultana Nahar" by Prof. Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Course "Matter and Energy in Physical System", Western Washington University, USA, Spring 2020

  • In March 2020, Sultana gave an interview to undergraduate students at OSU for their project on ISMWS

  • Sultana presented " International Society of Muslim Women in Science at OSU" at Astronomy Diversity Journal Club at Astronomy of OSU, January 15, 2020
    - Presentation


    2019: i) Sultana's presentation based on themes of ISMWS and about the Sun at the Avalon Elementary School in Columbus under Early Education program of OSU, ii) with ISMWS theme, "WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE STEM FIELDS?" at the "GLOBAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE" of Advocates for Women of the World (AWOW) at OSU, iii) ISMWS members at the Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations conference: Nabiha (Professor at University of Alabama), Sultana, Shaista (Engineer for Atlana city government), May 2019 iv) ISMWS members (except for a few) at the LEAP workshop at OSU, September 2019

  • Jan 2019: ISMWS interview with STEM Transformation Institute of Florida International University

  • Jan 2019: Postdoctoral Associate, Dr. Saeed Moshfeghyeganeh of STEM Transformation Institute of Florida International University interviewed Sultana Nahar for women in physics for their project on "Muslim women in Physics" and wrote:
    "My name is Saeed Moshfeghyeganeh, postdoctoral associate, working with Dr. Zahra Hazari on cultural factors affecting the participation of Muslim women in physics.  There is a growing awareness that many Muslim-majority countries have higher proportions of women amongst STEM graduates compared to western countries. Researchers hypothesize that these differences are due to cultural differences across countries with respect to fields that are considered appropriate for women. To investigate this hypothesis we have plan to do interview with Muslim women physics major professors at R1 universities across the United States who are coming from Muslim majority countries. We appreciate if you can help us with the name of potential professors who are interested in participating in an one hour interview. The identity of the interviewee's will confidential and their name and the name of their institution will be masked in the future publication. Thank you for your attention."

  • March 2019: Western Washington University featured ISMWS

  • March 2019: Physics professor, Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, of Western Washington University featured the societies and Sultana Nahar in his Physics dlass. He wrote:
    "Dear Dr. Nahar,
    My name is Dimitri, and I am an assistant professor of Physics & Astronomy at Western Washington University. I'm writing because I wanted to let you know that you are making a difference in my classroom.
    This quarter, I have been teaching physics to future teachers. All of my students are women. At the start of each class, I have been spending a few minutes featuring women in physics. Two weeks ago, you were the featured physicist. I have attached screen shots of the slides I prepared for my students that day.
    I don't know whether any of my students are Muslim, but I do know that they have enjoyed learning about women in physics who are doing great research and organizing. When I presented about you and your work with ISMWS and ISAWS, my students asked questions about the international physics community, and we talked about the importance of these kinds of organizations.
    Thank you for the work you are doing to support Muslim and Arab women in physics and other sciences. In the aftermath of the tragedy in New Zealand, my heart is broken. I wanted to reach out to you to express solidarity with you, your colleagues, your families, and the international Muslim community. You all deserve better."
    - "Featured physicist activity", Prof. Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Western Washington University, 2019

  • March 2019: ISMWS in Georgia Tech student project

  • March 2019: Emily Kornega, a student of Georgia Tech got information on ISMWS from Sultana Nahar for their class group project on Muslim Women in Science. She wrote:
    "My name is Emily Kornegay, and I am a student at Georgia Tech. I am doing a report on Muslim Women in Science for my class on Women in Science and Engineering. I’d like to discuss barriers, accomplishments, and methods for improving participation. I love your organization of ISMWS as our whole semester we have been discussing the importance of community when it comes to drawing underrepresented groups into STEM fields. Would you mind answering a few questions for me? If you are unable, thank you anyways for reading my email!
    What is your proudest accomplishment of ISMWS? What are the most common barriers you see Muslim women entering the sciences face?
    How do we get over those barriers?
    Any other interesting information I should consider?

  • March 2019: Sultana Nahar promotes themes of ISMWS at the annual conference of OSU female group, AWOW

  • March 2019: At invitation of the OSU group, AWOW, Sultana Nahar gave a presention on "WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE STEM FIELDS? Girls education" under the theme of ISMWS, as the Representative speaker for STEM disciplines at the annual "GLOBAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE: Girls' Education", organized by the OSU Advocates for Women of the World (AWOW) in collaboration with OSU's Multi-Cultural Center and Buck-i-Serv at OSU, Hale Hall, The Ohio State University, Ohio, March 3, 2019:
    - presentations: 1, - - 2 - - President Serena Kaul, - Thank You, AWOW! - Conference news at AWOW web blog, March 2019

  • April 1, 2019: ISMWS presents the science of the SUN and promotes science under OSU FEEP program
  • April 1, 2019: OSU undergraduate student, Hauley Combs, asked Sultana for a STEM presentation, titled "Why do we study science?" through ISMWS, under FEEP - Early Education program of OSU, at Avalon Elementary School in Columbus

  • Sep 2019: ISMWS welomes Indian Academic Leaders at LEAP workshop

    - President Samira Shire of student chapter ISMWS at Ohio State delivers welcoming speech at LEAP workshop reception

  • September 2019: Sultana Nahar and A. Pradhan were the coordinators of the LEAP (Leadership for Academicians Programme of government of India) workshow held at OSU in September 2019. Out of the 5 female members 4 were ISMWS members. They celebrated reunion.


  • Newsletter of activities in 2018

  • ISMWS collaborated with WSR project to celebrated the International Women's Day 2018 at the APK Abul Kalam Center of OSU-AMU, AMU, Aligarh, India

  • ISMWS member Dr. Somaya Saad of NRIAG, Egypt as acted as the Chair of the Organzation committee of the international Arab Conference of Astronomy and Gepphysics, Assembly VI (ACAG VI) held in Cctober 2018 at NRIAG in Helwan, Egypt


  • ISMWS joined Physics Department of Aligarh Muslim University in India to celebrate the International Women's Day on March 11, 2017
    - Guest of Honor talk by Sultana: "WOMAN STARS OF KNOWLEDGE", India, March 11, 2017
    - List of invited women


  • Visit to Kashmir Women's College, India: Arranged by Physics Chair Professor Manzoor Malik, Sultana visited : "Courageous women of Kashmir", Government Degree College for Women on Maulan Azad Road, Srinagar, Kashmir, India March 24, 2016
    (Program: - Public lecture "Courageous women of Kashmir", Introducing Sultana, - Buquet from the Principal, - presenting lecture based on ISMWS, - audience, - with members of the college, - student from Ladakh which was very much inspired and recited the Quran to express herself)

  • Celebration of International Women's Day (IWD) 2016, Aligarh Muslim University

    Sponsors: Physics Department (Chair Prof. Ansari), Prof. Rahimullah Khan (Ex-Dean of Faculty of Science, Ex-Chair of Physics), Prof. Tauheed Ahmed (Physics)
    - Program

  • Chief Guest: Prof. Hamida Ahmed (Clinical Psychology of AMU and Board Member of UGC) emphasized on importance STEM education and girls should have the freedom to choose the subject. Nida Rehmani (OSU and AMU student) conducted the event. Each gave inspiring speeches including Professors Ansari (AMU), Altaf Wani (OSU), Anil Pradhan (OSU). Participants gave their statements. March 10, 2016
    Initiation by Quran telawat, - Convened by Prof. Qudsia Tahseen (Zoology of AMU and Fellow of National Academy of Science in India, Convener) - speeches by Chair Prof. Afzal Ansari of Physics Department and Cheif Guest Prof. Hamida Ahmed,, - Speech by Guest of Honor Sultana "Luminous Women of Knowledge", - Comments by Professor Asma of Mathematics
    22 members were honored with recognition, - reception, - reception2)
    News published in several newspapers:
  • AMU News: Celebration of International Women's Day, March 2016
  • AmarUjala News: Celebrati on of International Women's Day
  • Avadnama News: Opinions on women in perspective of IWD


  • Sultana meets John Glenn for connection to a goverment office for ISMWS
    - John Glenn is a well-known astronaut and past US Senetor. Discussed ISMWS in his office, John Glenn Institute, OSU, May 1, 2014

  • Celebration of International Women's Day (IWD) 2014, Aligarh Muslim University

  • Twenty four women were recognized with certificates for being Role model and successful professionals, at the celebrarion of International World Women's Day and presentation of ISMWS, Aligarh Muslim University, March 11, 2014
    - Inauguration of the event, - Audience, - Audience 2, - speech by Chief Guest Prof. Zakia Siddiqui for women education and financial independence, - Convener Professor Bilqees Banu for consideration of women's role in taking care of family for promotion at work, - Professor Nahar promoting science for women
    - Prof Z. Siddiqui receives certificate and Lifetime Achievement trophy, - Certificate to Prof Qudsia Tahseen a well known Zoologist. Certificate of Recognition "for her contributions as a role model for knowledge inspiration and intellectual growth",

  • Recognition trophy "for promotion as an advocate and role model of Muslim Women Scientist", Celebration of International Women's Day, Aligarh Muslim University, India, 2014,


  • ISMWS member at University of North Dakota during seminar presentaion,
    - ISMWS member Ph.D. student Fatima and Professor Richard Tung, Physics Department, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, October 18, 2013

  • Sultana presents ISMWS in her talk "Women Stars in Science" at Women's College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, September 17, 2013


    Pic: i) ISMWS at Al Azhar University, Egypt, 2012

  • Pictures: Various ISMWS issues were discussed at international laser conference, UFLTA in Egypt and new members were added, April 8-12, 2012

  • ISMWS Members at Nigma Mustafa graduation in Mechanical Engineering. She starts at a steel industry, Decemer 2012

  • Pictures: One day at Al Azhar University in Cairo when physicists, chemists became members of ISMWS April 14, 2012

  • The Physics and Astronomy Department of Wayne State University in Detroit held its first session on women physicists with title speech "Women Stars in Physics", by Sultana N. Nahar
    - Pictures: "Women Stars in Physics" and ISMWS presentation, Wayne State University, Detroit, April 4, 2012


    Visit UAEU 2011: i) Announcement of lecture, ii) Siingle female member Sadiqa (ISMWS member) as a Physics Instructor on male section of UAEU. iii) Sadiqa took me to warm Spring in Al Ain

  • Pictures: ISMWS presentation at Aligarh Muslim University, India, December 13, 2011

  • Pictures: ISMWS presentation at UAEU, December 8, 2011,, - Certificate from UAEU, Advertised Notice

  • Pictures: ISMWS meeting with MSA EC at the Ohio State University, November 2011


    One objective of ISMWS is be motivated to support, help, collaborate, network with other members for scientic endeavors. These can involve guidance and facilitate in scientific research and activities to other members.
    - Following is the list such scientific activities.

  • Possible science projects by anyone in any country:

  • NASA Citizen Science Projects. A student can be involved in such a project and write up a summary of the project as research experience. Several participants of the "Women in STEM Roadshow" project carried out research under it and received certificates.

  • Prof. Sultana N. Nahar's scientific collaborations with ISMWS members

    13. Nahar collaborated with ISMWS members Prof. Faiza Abbasi, Prof. Farukh Arjmand, Prof. Qudsia Tahseen, and Prof. Subuhi Khan of Aligarh Muslim University for the "LEAP (Leadership for Academicians Programme) of government of India for holding a week long leadersip training wofkshop at the Ohio State University, participated by future academic leaders of nine central universities of India, in 2019.

    ISMWS members at the LEAP workshop: i) members (al four sitting at front) with other LEAP participants are at the John Glenn Institute at OSU, ii) with ISMWS members of the Ohio State University, iii) at session with Frank Islam, iv) ISMWS members (all 5 are sitting on the front) at the Pin & Certificate ceremony, September 2019

    12. Nahar faciliated the Physics connection between University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and NIT-Srinagar, India. NIT Professor Seemin Rubab, former Chair of the Physics Deaprtment and an ISMWS member, giving a presentation at Dhaka University, 2018. She is now the founding President of ISMWS-Kashmir Chapter.

    Prof. Rubab at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

    11. Dr. Rahla Naghma, ISMWS member from Indian School of Mines, received Indo-US SERV award to carry out postdoctoral research under supervision of Prof. S.N. Nahar at the Astronomy Department of OSU during 2017 - 2018,
    Blackhole Blackhole Blackhole
    Pictures i) Dr Rahla (on the right of Sultana) at the group meeting at OSU, ii) Rahla making presentation at the DAMOP meeting of American Physical Society held in Florida, 2018, iii) Rahla and Sultana with Nobel Laureate Ketterel at the conference banquet, 2018

    11. 2017-2018: ISMWS work was a support for Sultana's receiving Department of State grant for the "Women in STEM Roadshow" under US-India Mission to hold 9 workshops in 6 cities to encourage young college females of minority and disadvantage in India to choose areas in STEM disciplines and pursue higher degree in US universities, 2017-2018. It involved ISMWS members who carried out most of local leadership work.
    i) ISMWS member Swaleha Naseem, a leader at Aligarh Muslim University program is standing before the AMU banner of the program. ii) ISMWS member Dr. Noor-e-Zahra (with cup behind me) who acted as the local expert and Dr. Najma Heptuallah (green shawl), Governer of Manipur and Chief Guest of Delhi Workshop

    Almost all 9 workshops of WSR involved leadership roles of the ISMWS members. 5. Prof. Noor-e-Zahra (Ethiopia University): collaborated on "Women in STEM Roadshow" project for India, 2017-2018, Support: US Department of State, STEM Faculty training project of OSU-AMU

    10. Dr. Hala (NIST): Supervison of Ph.D. research at Astronomy of OSU with Prof. Nahar during and at Aligarh Muslim University, India with Prof. Tauheed Ahmad. OSU: 2014 - 2016, Support: 21st Century Indo-US (formerly Obama-Singh) Knowledge Initiative grant, many other joint work

    9. Dr. Nida Rehamani (On maternity break): Overseeing Research Advisor for her research at Radiology of OSU, 2014 - 2016, Support: 21st Century Indo-US (formerly Obama-Singh) Knowledge Initiative grant

    8. Dr. Sabiha Parveen (Chemistry, AMU), Overseeing Research Advisor for her research at Chemistry of OSU, 2016 - 2017, Support: 21st Century Indo-US (formerly Obama-Singh) Knowledge Initiative grant

    7. Swaleha Naseem (Applied Physics, AMU): Overseeing Research Advisor for her research at Physics of OSU, 2016, Support: 21st Century Indo-US (formerly Obama-Singh) Knowledge Initiative grant

    6. Dr. Nasreen Haque (President and CEO, Intelage Inc., USA): Scientic research during her Ph.D. at Georgia State University that continues today,
    - Collaborated on "Women in STEM Roadshow" project for India, 2017-2018, Support: US Department of State

    5. At Sultana's recommendation, VC Zameeruddin Shah appointed ISMWS member Prof. Farukh Arjmand of Chemistry as the Co-Director of the Indo-US STEM Education and Research Center of the Ohio State University and Aligarh Muslim Universiy in India.

     i) ISMWS members at the Internaitonal Biochemistry conference in 2014. Prof. Arjmand is in the middle with pink poolover. Sultana brought ISMWS member Prof. Bilkis Banu (left of Sultana) to the committee of Obama-Singh STEM Faculty Training Project of OSU partnering with AMU. Prof. Qudsia Tahseen (rightmost) has remained an affiliated member of the OSU projects with AMU.

    4. Prof. Tahmina Ferdouw (Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh): Collaborated in physics research, 2011 -

    4. Sultaa introduced ISMWS member Prof. Lotfia El Nadi (Cairo University, Egypt) to the Nanotechnology Center founder Prof. Alim Naqvi of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in India which led both of them coordinating the signing MOA betwee Cairo University and AMU and exchange program staring 2014

    i) Prof. Lotfia and her team came to AMU in 2014, led the MoU of Cairo University with nanotechnology found Prof. Naqvi (both on the left of Sultana attending Aligarh-Nano4 conference in 2014) of Aligarh Muslim University. On Sultana's left, the leftmost person, was the ISMWS member Dr. Mona Bakr. Within a few years of her Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, USA she built a high quality spectrsopy, imaging lab in Egypt where she guided personally 22 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students at a time. However, an uncurable disease shortened her life. ii) Prof. Lotfia and Sultana on the right and left side of the AMU Vice Chancellor L. General Zameeruddin Shah at a ceremony where the VC honored both of them at AMU, 2014.

    3. ISMWS member Prof. Lotfia El Nadi (Cairo University, Egypt) and Sultana Nahar collaborated on many projects - they coordinated OSU-Cairo University MOA in 2012 and renewed it on behalf of the two universities, which led to the collaborations

    i) Prof. Lotfia and Sultana with Deans of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Sciences with the MOA after the signing ceremony, 2012

    2. Hoda Shariati (Iran): On her research projects

    1. Sultana met young and lively but very well mannered graduate student Hala at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in 2011 and made her an ISMWS member. Their professional relationship grew wonderfully with time as Sultana selected the qualified Hala to be a Fellow of Obama-Singh project of the Ohio State University and was her OSU research advisor for Ph.D. thesis, involved her in a number of projects. Dr. Hala has been a NIST sceintist for years now.

      i) Studnets Hala and Riaz with Sultana in the Physics Department Hallway of AMU in 2011/203, ii) Hala in class at OSU, 2014. Next to her ISMWS member Nida Rehmani, also a Fellow of Obama-Singh project of OSU.

    1. Dr. Maria Bergemann (Max Planck Institute, Germany): Collaborated on research project



  • September 19, 2023: ISMWS inaugurates its new chapter, "ISMWS-Egypt" at conference ICMMS-5 held at National Research Centre, Cairo

    i) Sultana's keynote presentation on ISMWS at the session, ii) Acceptance of the founding president by Prof. Hanan Gouda of Ain Shams University (female section) and speeches by Porf. Medhat Ibrahim and others for the inauguration

  • A special session was organized for the inauguration of the new chapter "ISMWS Egypt" of ISMWS in Egypt at the 5th Internaitonal Conference on Molecular Modeling and Spectroscopy (ICMMS-5), held at National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt during Sep 17-19, 2023. Sultana Nahar made a keynote presentation on "Internaitonal Society of Muslim Women in Science, - Program (keynote speader: 11,12)


  • A new chapter "ISMWS Kashmir"

  • On Spetember 20, 2022 a new chapter "ISMWS Kashmir" is inaugurated at a session of members from various colleges and universities in Kashmir at NIT- Srinagar with ISMWS member and past Chair of the Physics Department, Prof. Seemim Rubab. as the founding President of the chapter
    - Nov 7, 2022, OSU Middle East Studies Center news: "New Chapter of International Society of Muslim Women in Science Inaugurated"


    i) Sultana received leadership award "Student Organization Individual Contribution Award for Advisors" for ISMWS at Ohio State, Office of Student Life, OSU, 2022

  • A role model with 4 others in Astronomy, Syeda Lammim Ahad (Ph.D. candidate in Astronomy, Leiden University, Holland), in her presentation, celebration of Women in Space in World Space Week 2021, October 9, 2021


  • January 2019: Initiation ISMWS at East Carolina University
  • January 2019: Biology Professor, Krista McCoy, of East Carolina University asked about forming an ISMWS chapter at ECU. She wrote:
    "My name is Krista McCoy.  I am an assistant professor at East Carolina University. I am not a Muslim but have many Muslim women in my laboratory (and in our department and university) and I am interested in making sure that they have  a network of people to help them navigate their scientific careers. Is there a way to form a chapter of ismws at ECU? My students and I are interested in creating a chapter here." East Carolina University communications
    - Sultana welcomed the suggestion

  • March 2013: Nahar honored: CSWP Woman Physicist of the Month Award of American Physical Society, March 2013

    RECOGNITION BY ISMWS (partial list):

  • Since 2014, ISMWS has been giving recognition to wonderful women, the "Women Stars", whose achievements have been inspiration to others. It started at the Aligarh Muslim University in India with the support of the Physics Department, particularly by the then Physics Chair Prof. Rahimullah Khan who facilitated all venues, funding, and help in nomination and selection of winners. The event was celebration of International Women's Day (IWD).

  • The tradition of celebration of IWD and recognition has continued for the years till the current year 2022.

    Following is a partial list of recognized stars:


  • Professor Lotfia El Nadi (Cairo University): founder of the Laser institute NILES, laser society TSLS, a few areas in the Physics Department of Cairo Univerisity,

    Past 2021: Following is a partial list of recognized stars:


  • Professor Lotfia El Nadi (Cairo University): founder of the Laser institute NILES, laser society TSLS, a few areas in the Physics Department of Cairo Univerisity, series of conferences known as MTPR, UFLTA etc.

  • Dr. Mona Bakr (NILES): brought a jump to nanotechnology research in Egypt, let a research team of 22 members at a time, Director of Nanotechnology Center at NILES


  • Prof. Qudsia Tahseen (Zoology, AMU): A Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences with 3 different titles for her important contributions in Zoology

  • Prof. Farukh Arjmand (Chemistry, AMU): Extra-ordinary number of publications, Distinguished Woman in Chemistry 2017, etc

  • Prof. Subuhi Khan (Mathematics, AMU): For distinction on mathematics research and publications for a woman in India.

  • Prof. Asma Ali (Mathmatics, AMU): One most active contributor and grant holder in Mathematics research.

  • Additional recognition to about 15 - 20 women in every year


  • Prof. Karen Irving (The Ohio State University): One main originator of the MeD-STEM degree for postgraduate students in India under the dual-degree program of the STEM faculty training project of OSU, contributed considerably for STEM teaching and research for the student

  • Prof. Sultana N. Nahar (The Ohio State University): Contributor to the field of Atomic Astrophysics, co-author with A.K. Pradhan of the textbook "Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy" (Cambridge press 2011), founder of Atomic Database: NORAD-Atomic-Data, involvement with internatioal STEM activities.

    RECOGNITION TO ISMWS (partial list):

  • Sultana N Nahar as ROLE MODEL for a Muslim female scientist

  • "Sultana Nahar" under the project of featuring a woman scientist and research contributions to science honoring "Women's History Month 2023" in March, by Teliyah Jenkins (10th grade), Iberville Math, Science, \& Arts Academy, Louisiana, March 2023 a 3D version of the model

  • Guest of Honor Memento for contributions to ISMWS, Symposium on celebration of the Internaitonal Women's Day organized by the Indo-US APJAK STEM Education and Research Center and Society of Muslim Women in Science, Aligarh Muslim University, India, March 29, 2023

  • Recognized with "Hidden Figures: Women in Science" in celebration of the Internaitonal Day of Women and Girls in Science on Feb 11, 2023 by the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Global Engagement of College of Education and Human Ecology, OSU 2023, and - Featured as "Women in Science: Sultana Nahar" in the Hidden Figures booklet

  • Hornoring with a plaque of Kashmir art on authentic Kashmir paper mashi for contributions in STEM, scientific public lecture, and ISMWS presentation by Dean of Academis Affairs and Dean of Science, Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), Awantipora, Kashmir, India, September 19, 2022

  • July/August 2022 issue: Two ISMWS members and anoter woman in STEM, were featured in STEM in "Islamic Horizons" magazine of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA): "Muslim Women in STEM: A Minority Within a Minority, - Web version

  • June 2021, ISMWS is highlighted in the article Breaking Nahar aids female Muslim scientists with supercomputing included in the Annual Research Report hardcopy as Breaking Barriers Nahar aids female Muslim scientists with supercomputing of Ohio Supercomputer Center, USA

  • December 11, 2019: 13. OSU ASC News story on outreach activities, particularly ISMWS: "Two astronomy faculty launch programs around the world to uplift STEM professionals", USA

  • "Featured Physicist Activity: Sultana Nahar" with the highlight of ISMWS, Prof. Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Course "Matter and Energy in Physical System", Western Washington University, USA, Spring 2020

  • 2019, April 25: Voice of America (VOA): Objective and activities of ISMWS is broadcaseded by Voice of America Bangla: "Female Voice: Conversation with scientist Dr. Sultana Nurun Nahar" (translation)

  • October 15, 2019: Featured at Lotus STEMM Story, including ISMWS (Interviewer: Dr. N. Rahmani): "Rendezvous with Sultana N Nahar"
    - Lotus STEMM poster of Nahar, - Introduction by the Editor

  • APS Newsletter, Feb 12, 2019: "Impact of Women in STEM Roadshow in India", Vol 28, No. 2, p.3 and 6 (2019) The web version: "Impact of Women in STEM Roadshow in India:"

  • March 2014, Arts and Sciences News and Updates, OSU, Awards section: "Astronomy Researcher Honored by Two Indian Universities"

  • 2013: Sultana N. Nahar wins 2013 John Wheatley Award of American Physical Society. The citation reads:
    "For efforts to promote physics research and teaching through collaboration, mentoring, and philanthrophy in several third-world countries, and in particular for her promotion, as both an advocate and role model, of Muslim women scientists."

    - APS June 2013 news page, The award is given every other year

  • April 2013: Sultana receives: "Headliner Award", Women of Wayne, Wayne State University Alumni Association, Detroit, Michigan, April 2013

  • March 2012: News: ISMWS receives its first fund from OSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion for ISMWS-STEM research work in Egypt

  • April 2012: Picture of ISMWS members at OSU,, Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, Olla's presentation, Nahar's winning Outstanding Research Mentor Award
    - News of Outstanding Research Mentor Award: in Arts and Sciences News "ASC Faculty and Research Scientist Selected for 2012 Mentoring Awards"


  • 12. 2023: Indo-US STEM ER Center along with International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS) published the 2023 issue of
    e-magazine "An-Nisa 2023" for women in STEM

  • 11. 2022: In March, 2022: Indo-US STEM ER Center of OSU and AMU published along with International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS) the first issue of e-magazine An-Nisa An-Nisa for women in STEM

  • 10. Article "International Society of Muslim Women in Science", S.N. Nahar, in megazine "An-Nisa" for women in STEM, p. 9 (Published by Indo-US STEM Education and Research Center of OSU and AMU and ISMWS, March 2022)

  • Abstract: U71.00252: "International Society of Muslim Women in Science*", S.N. Nahar, APS March Meeting 2021, March 15-19, 2021 Virtual; Time Zone: Central Daylight Time, USA
    - ISMWS Poster

  • 9. Summary abstract of " International Society of Muslim Women in Science at OSU" at Astronomy webpage, Diversity Journal Club at Astronomy of OSU, January 15, 2020

  • 8. Spring 2015, Forum of International Physics (FIP) News, News of Saudi Arabia education and research, and ISMWS members "Saudi Arabia Connection", by Sultana Nahar

  • 7. Sping 2014, International Forum of Physics (FIP) of APS : Report of ISMWS event in India in "India Connection" (p, 14) by Sultana Nahar

  • 6. September 2013, Forum of International Physics News: "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Award for the Ohio State University ˗ Aligarh Muslim University Partnership" (p.9). This STEM project emphasizes participation of equal number of male and female Indian students

  • 5. Fall 2013: APS FIP news: ISMWS news and members are included: "Egypt Connection 2", by Sultana Nahar

  • 4. Spring 2013: An article on Sultana's involvement in STEM education and research in Bangladesh "Recent Visit to Bangladesh Universities and Physics Prizes", Spring FIP Newsletter, 2013, She runs programs that promote women in education, particularly STEM.

  • 3. APS article published in APS Gazette: "International Society of Muslim Women in Science (ISMWS)" (see p.8-9), Sultana N. Nahar, Fall 2013

  • 2. Fall 2012: ISMWS in Egypt in FIP (Forum of International Physics) newsletter article Egypt Connection by Nahar

  • 1. Fall 2012: The article on ISMWS work and other information in Egypt, published by the "Middle Eastern Studies Bulletion", OSU, Fall issue, 2012, pages 7-9


  • Title (public): "Studying the space by women", Sultana N. Nahar, "Women in Space Science" in celebration of World Space Week 2021, Oct 9, Bangladesh (virtual platform)


    Feb 2023:

  • Participated in the Ph.D. thesis topic on women experience and pespectives of Arabic speaking Ph.D. graduates in STEM of Ahmed Hussein in Statistics Department, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Feb 2023, Letter of Ahmed Hussein and permission document for the research



  • 13. December, 2023: Newsletter ISMWS 2023

  • 12. March, 2023: Newsletter ISMWS 2023

  • 11. 2021: Newsletter 8

  • 10. 2019, November: Newsletter 7

  • 9. 2019, April: Newsletter 6

  • 8. 2018: Newsletter 5

  • 7. 2017-2018: ISMWS Newsletter 4

  • 6. 2016-2017: ISMWS Newsletter 3

  • 5. 2015, September: ISMWS Newsletter 2

  • 4. 2014-2015: ISMWS Newsletter 1

  • 3. July 2013: "Salam and News Updates", July 8, 2013,

  • 2. News pictures of 2013

  • 1. During 2010-2013, ISMWS news was distributed in simple text in the emails

    ii) NEWS:


  • December 15, 2023: Author Prof. Jorg Matthias Determann sends his book BooK "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Astronomy - A Modern History" (Springer 2023)

    - Author Prof. Jorg Mathias Determann of Virginia Commonwealth University of Qatar has published his book which gives real stories of many in astronomy and space physics.
    - He interviews included 3 ISMWS members - Prof. Somaya Saad of National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics of Egypt, Prof. Shahinaz Yousef of Astronomy of Cairo University, Egypt, and Prof. Sultana N. Nahar of the Ohio State University for the book
    -The book introduces ISMWS and discusses some activities of Somaya Saad and Sultana Nahar.


  • November 2016: ISMWS Reference in Oxford Islamic Studies Online publication: Citation for Women in Science (p.3,4)

  • March 15, 2016, AmarUjala news: "Women will teach importance of science to children" (highlighted in yellow) of International Women's Day at AMU

  • March 12, 2016: AMU News: "International Women's Day" celebrated by ISMWS

  • March 11, 2016: Jagran news in India: "Muslim women will understand importance of science" (highlighted in yellow) at International Women's Day at AMU

  • March 9, 2016, Avadhnama urdu daily news: "women should be self reliant and self dependent in order to develop confidence in every realm in present day world", interviews and perspectives of four women: Bazigha Dhuru, Nida Rehmani, Karen Irving, Sultana Nahar in advance of International Women's Day


  • September 12, 2012: Olla's research presentation at OSU undergrad scholar presentation.
    Olla's statement:
    "I spent the summer doing research in analytical chemistry under the Mayers Scholarship from the OSU College of Arts and Sciences. Furthermore, as I mentioned I am planning on applying to biophysics graduate programs with specialties in medical imaging/radiology. As you suggested I have looked into the Med. Physics program at Toledo. If anyone in our network has recommendations about similar programs I would be glad to hear them."

  • June 13, 2012: In BDNews (Bengali): BSA-OSU event for Bangladeshi culture and funding raising for a school BSA president and ISMWS member, Nigma Moustafa in red sari in the middle, BSA Advisor: Sultana Nahar is at leftmost,


  • Post your resume at: For jobs advertised at American Physical Society

  • Post your resume at: For jobs advertised at Physics Today


  • Link to Nature Careers for various jobs in science

  • UNESCO-TWAS postdoctoral fellowship for women in science and technology supported by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in 2021

    Link to Academic Jobs Online for positions available in many countries (e.g. MIT posts its positions here)

  • Postdoctoral Fellowships through The World Academy of Science

  • Link to APS careers Center for physics and other science jobs

  • "Eisenhower Fellowships" for both US citizens and international scholars

  • Link to Physics Today Job listings

  • For any physis related jobs (biophysics, nuclear physics, nanophysics, etc), check Physics Today Jobs

  • Listed by Academic Keys: For all job positions

  • Link to Astronomy Job positions

  • Physics Today: Science, Engineering, and Computing jobs

  • For academic positions in STEM disciplines: Professor Positions

  • President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for women and minorities, University of California

  • AURA positions: AURA

  • US Goverment jobs

  • NSBRI (National Space Biomedical Research Institute) - Space Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Detailed program and application submission information is available at NSRI. For postdoc position: Deadline is June. Questions may be directed to Dr. Amanda Smith Hackler at hackler@bcm.edu or by phone at 713-798-3013.

  • For advertised jobs in STEM: write to Victoria Scott at university-advancement@faculty12.university-advancement.com

  • For job positions at UAE and other Gulf countries Gulf Talent

  • ZipRecruiter, Inc. for Tutoring, K-12 school, and bachelor degree jobs

  • Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

  • Early Career Funding Opportunities

  • Jobs at EDUMED for women in STEM ,
    - A healthcare student's "Best Education Resource"


  • EducationUSAhas verious sources of funds for studying in the USA, such as:
    - EducationUSA fund,
    - Advising Center for fund

  • "TechWomen" STEM training in the US with scholarship for Women in African and Middle Eastern Countries

  • Awards and Scholarships for female APS members: APS website

  • "Women in Science Hall of Fame" for Middle Eastern and North African women in Science, see information, for example, in 2015 Program

  • IAU PhD Prize to recognize Excellence in Astrophysics - for outstanding scientific achievement in astrophysics around the world. Each IAU Division will, once a year, have the opportunity to award its own prize to the candidate it feels has carried out the most remarkable work in the previous year.

  • NASA Postdoctoral Program,

  • NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • NASA Internship, Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities: NASA

  • On or about May 16, 2016, this NASA Research Announcement: “NASA Education Aeronautics Scholarship and Advanced STEM Training and Research (AS&ASTAR) Fellowship”, NNH16ZHA001N will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at http://nspires.nasaprs.com/ [nspires.nasaprs.com]. Proposals are due by June 17, 2016, at 11:59pm EST.

  • NASA postdoctoral fellowhships: Einstein, Hubble, Segan. NHFP Fellowships are open to English-speaking citizens of all nations (all applicants should be able speak in English and write papers in English).

  • "Mathematical and Physical Sciences Ascending Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (MPS-Ascend) of NSF

  • DOE NNSA LRGF DOE NNSA Laboratory Residency Graduate Fellowship

  • Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) of NSF. Deadline October

  • Space Technology Graduate Research grant program info

  • NSF Alan T Waterman Award for young Ph.D. researcher in science or engineering
    The Alan T. Waterman Award is the highest honor awarded by the National Science Foundation. The annual award recognizes an outstanding young researcher in any field of science or engineering supported by the National Science Foundation. In addition to a medal, the awardee receives a grant of $1,000,000 over a five year period for scientific research or advanced study in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, social or other sciences at the institution of the recipient~Rs choice.

  • For a graduating and young astrophysicist, "Gruber Foundation Fellowships" in any areas of cosmology and astrophysics

  • Information on the Coblentz Award and the Coblentz Society's other professional and student awards, please visit the Society's website at Coblentz Awards

  • "Katherine Weimer Award" for any female plasma scientist who received her Ph.D. within the ten-year period prior to April 1, of the year. Deadline is April 1. Nominations are active for one selection cycle (three years). The award consists of $2,000 and funds for travel to the annual meeting where the award is to be presented. The recipient will be invited to give a talk at the Division~Rs annual meeting. More details are available online.

  • Short term honored fellowships by Chinese Academy of Science: CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative(PIFI)

  • The New Scholars Program of Elseviers supports projects to help early- to mid-career women scientists balance family responsibilities with demanding academic careers: Deadline for "round 1" applications is June 24. Please see: Application

  • Sloan Research Fellowship in eight fields: chemistry, computational and evolutionary molecular biology, computer science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, ocean sciences, and physics.
    - Application

  • Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring ((PAESMEM); Deadline is June 6, Please see: Mentoring Awards

  • For female students: Scholarship Guide for Women

  • Scholarship for Minority Physics Major, Deadline Feb 1,

  • SDE/GWIS National Fellowships Program for research careers in the sciences by women. Deadline: January 15

  • OUSTA Award of the Society for College Science Teachers, Deadline June 1, This annual award is based upon a selection process that evaluates nominees according to the following ranked categories: 1) teaching excellence; 2) scholarship; and 3) service

  • For postdoc Marie Curie Fellowship

  • Helena Kluyver female visitor programme at ASTRON and JIVE institutes in radio astronomy, technological research and software development. Program covers all travel, food and accommodation expenses for the visitor, for up to three months. (Any nationality)

  • Harry S. Truman Fellowship 2016 [aip-info.org] Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico

  • "APS Congressional Science Fellowship" for a Ph.D. holder in physics or related field to provide a public service by making available individuals with scientific knowledge and skills to Members of Congress, few of whom have a technical background - must be an APS member and US citizen.

  • Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in Astrophysics, Deadline August 1

  • Various opportunities at Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (KICP):
    - Visitor program
    - Workshops & Symposia
    - Fellowship program
    - PhD program
    - Cosmology Short Courses
    - Space Explorers

  • L'Oreal postdoctoral fellowship, Application for women in science online
    The L’Oréal For Women in Science program recognizes and rewards the contributions women make in STEM fields and identifies exceptional women researchers committed to serving as role models for younger generations. More than 2,000 women scientists in over 100 countries have been recognized since the program began in 1998. The L’Oréal USA For Women In Science fellowship program will award five post‐doctoral women scientists in the United States this year with grants of up to $60,000 each. Applicants are welcome from a variety of fields, including the life and physical/material sciences, technology (including computer science), engineering, and mathematics. Applications will open on Movember 30, 2015 and are due on Feb 5, 2016.


  • Graduate fellowship: Faculty for the Future
    - The program provides funding to women from developing countries and emerging markets to undertake advanced graduate study in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the best facilities for their disciplines overseas.

  • Graduate Student Funding Opportunities"

  • Education Loan Finance: Scholarships for Women in STEM

  • For graduating and new Ph.D.s in Chemistry Reaxys prize, deadline Feb 8

  • Fellowships for international students from Chinese Academy of Science CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative(PIFI)

  • A good Resource of information on studying in the US

  • Scholarship Guide for Women
    This guide highlights various scholarship opportunities available specifically for women pursuing higher education. It includes detailed sections on eligibility criteria, application tips, and strategies to increase the chances of receiving these awards. Our goal is to assist women in overcoming financial barriers that may hinder their academic and career ambitions, thus promoting gender equality in all professional fields.

  • Student fellowships: "List of Major US Fellowships for Astronomy Students"

  • The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has created in 2016 a new prize - the IAU PhD Prize. Each IAU Division has, once a year, the opportunity to award its own prize to the candidate it feels has carried out the most remarkable work in the previous year (i.e. a PhD Thesis which has been defended between the 16 December in the previous year, and 15 December this year).
    - The IAU PhD Prize is open to candidates from any country, regardless of whether the country has an IAU National Membership. The objective is to recognise outstanding scientific achievement in astrophysics around the world even at that early stage in the career.
    Applications for the 2018 IAU PhD Prize will be 15th December. The application form

  • Blewett Fellowships by APS:
    To help women, US and Canadian citizens, who are returning to research careers, such as, for a Ph.D. degree, that had been interrupted for family or other reasons. It is a one-year grant, which can be renewed, of up to $45,000 for use towards a wide range of necessities, including equipment procurement, stipend, travel, tuition, and dependent care.


  • APS and IBM co-sponsor a 10-week research internship program for undergraduate women and underrepresented minority students. Deadline February (US citizenship is not required). Please visit the website at :
    APS Undergraduate Scholarship

  • APS grants for undergraduate women: Grants for women in physics groups to improve recruitment & retention of undergraduate women in physics, Deadline October 1

  • For US and international undergraduate students Princetom in Asia

  • NASA internships for US and international (limited countries) students: Click on the following website
    Office of Education Infrastructure Division
    Check on the left box for application information

  • NASA-GSFC internship (deadline Feb 1)
    USRA Contact: Dr. Michael Corcoran, USRA CRESST director, at 301-286-5576 or mcorcoran_at_usra.edu.

  • The NASA Office of Education Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) solicits proposals from students pursuing graduate degrees in NASA relevant STEM disciplines. NASA OE MUREP ASTAR Fellowship seeks independently conceived fellowship proposals from student applicants, specifically in areas of projected deficiencies in the NASA future STEM workforce. Selected students will perform graduate student research at their respective campuses during the academic year as well as conduct research at a designated NASA field Center during an annual 10 – 15 week Center based research Experience (CBRE).
    Funding is provided for a maximum of three years.
    On February 5, 2015, this Amendment to the NASA Research Announcement "Education Opportunities in NASA STEM (EONS) 2014" NNH14ZHA001N was posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at http://nspires.nasaprs.com/
    Questions concerning Appendix K, NASA OE MUREP ASTAR Fellowships, may be directed to Brenda Collins, NASA OE Fellowships Manager, NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), E-mail: NASA.Fellowships@nasaprs.com.

  • Goldwater scholarshlip for undergraduate student in science for US citizens and permanent residents

  • For undergraduate students in any areas in STEM in the US, founded originally by a number of astronauta, Astronaut Scholarship Foundations

  • Grants in Aid of Research (GIAR) of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society:
    It invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for research funding GIAR program. The deadline to submit applications is March 15, 2020 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. The grants are made possible by designated funds from the National Academy of Sciences. Students may apply for funding from the program twice each year. 

  • For 1 year Master's degree: Schwarzman Scholars


  • Youth Exchange & Study Program (YES):
    - Ayusa is proud to work with the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program (YES) to bring bright and talented high school exchange students to the United States!
    - The YES initiative was a result of Congressional discussions following the events of September 11, 2001, to build bridges of understanding between the United States and countries with significant Muslim populations.
    -For details of YES program, visit YES website
    Albania, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Egypt, Gaza, Ghana,  India, Indonesia, Israel (Arab Communities), Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait,  Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mali,  Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan,  Philippines,  Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa,  Suriname,  Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey,  West Bank, Yemen

  • For any high school junior residing in the US, PCA Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship, Application deadline May 31


  • Each conference applies for fund for various expenses, including support for a certain number of participants. So after submission of tye abstract, write to the Chair of the Organizing Committee that you would like to attend the conference and like to apply for fund available for the trip. Also apply to you home institution for the support.

    Various agencides give travel grants - please check the process early to get the grant in time

  • Travel grant from UNIVERSEatMDPI for Ph.D. students and postdocs in Physics, Astronomy for international conferences
    - Travel Award to two postdoctoral researchers or PhD students. The award aims to assist junior researchers to attend an international conference related to universe-related topics. The 2020 Universe Travel Awards consists of 800 CHF for each winner. Candidates must meet the following requirements: * Be postdoctoral fellows or PhD students working in physics and astronomy; * Plan to attend an international conference in 2020 to present their research (oral or poster presentation). The required application materials include: * Outline of current and planned future research; * CV (please include a complete list of publications); * The conference you would like to attend (list the conference name and its website) and an abstract of the work you plan to present; * A letter of recommendation from your supervisor, research director, or department head confirming your status as a postdoc/PhD student.

  • Applied Sciences Travel Awards fir Postdocs, Applied Sciences, mdpi.com

  • IUPAP/UNESCO fund supporting Women in Physics in Developing and Eastern European Countries to attend conferences. Send application or get information from Jackie Beamon Kiene at beamon@aps.org

  • FGSA Travel Award for Excellence in Graduate Research: Apply by May 20 -Graduate students who are members of APS and FGSA are eligible to apply for a travel award of up to $500. To apply, send a CV and up to 2-page statement of purpose describing applicant~Rs interest in the conference and how his/her participation will benefit him/her personally and professionally to fgsatravel@aps.org. They also have to include a list of objectives they hope to accomplish during the conference. The deadline is May 20 for conferences in the third quarter of 2013 (July 1st ~V September 30th). Decisions will be made by the end of May.

  • The Voyager Scholarship, for undergraduate (US citizen or immigrants) students who is interested in future public service

  • New AAS Resource: FAMOUS: The AAS Council has established a program to enable people from disadvantaged groups to attend society meetings. To enhance the diversity of attendees, FAMOUS (Funds for Astronomical Meetings: Outreach to Underrepresented Scientists) grants, in the amount of up to $1000 will be awarded to AAS members to present his or her research.  For more information, please see FAMOUS

    APS Travel grants:

  • International Research Travel Award Program, for presentations at conferences, American Physical Society

  • International Physics Distinguished Student Programm (DS), for graduate and undergraduate students to travel within US or international to APS conferences

  • Travel grant for APS March or April meeting participants ($500 to $1000): The Braslau Family Travel Grant

  • "APS-IUSSTF Physics Ph.D. Student & Post-doc Visitation Program and Professorship Awards", US-India Travel grant, The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) sponsors and APS administers the exchange of physicists, physics Ph.D. students, and postdocs between India and the United States

  • Galaxies Travel Awards for presenting at international conferences by Ph.D. students and postdocs

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